At Choate, we’re known for our high standards of academic achievement as a community — but we focus most of all on ensuring that each student achieves personal academic goals.

Our faculty is committed to providing you with the tools you need to think critically and independently, to approach complex issues and problems with a clear perspective, and to become a passionate learner.

To that end, our 6 academic departments all offer traditional core courses as well as a variety of electives — a balance we’ve created because we believe the best academic model for learning is both wide and deep:

  • Wide: We encourage cross-disciplinary study and a broad understanding of the fundamentals in each of our core subjects.
  • Deep: We want our students to delve deeply into what interests them most, and the areas where their talents and abilities can develop.

Discovering the right balance of wide and deep is where our advisers and department heads come in. They’ll collaborate with you to create your most effective and engaging academic plan, according to your goals for the future — including your ideal choice of college and target career pursuits.

Our faculty is renowned for scholastic depth, creativity, warmth, and the care they’ve shown for the generations of young people that have passed through our doors.

That’s why the Life of the Mind is one of the most important things we focus on here: we aim for the clarity of thought and expression that come from a mind that is inspired and engaged. Each of our academic programs is designed with that focus.