Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to explore Choate Rosemary Hall.

Our long tradition of excellence, and our warm, friendly environment make our school a very special place to be. Each student we admit becomes a part of our legacy of achievement, and brings their own unique talents and gifts to our community.

If you’ve ended up here because you’re considering different options for your educational future, I’d be honored to provide some advice and perspective I’ve garnered from years of getting to know young people who were on a similar journey to your own.

Over the years, Choate has sent more than 17,000 graduates out into the world to make a difference – and we’re committed to equipping thousands more in the years to come to be leaders and global citizens. Will Choate Rosemary Hall provide the solid foundation on which you’ll build your own exceptional future? I welcome you to consider the possibility.

Come visit us, and see our community up close. We’d love to meet you.


Ray Diffley III

Director of Admission