Scholarships & Loans


Students whose families qualify for financial assistance as determined by the School and Student Service by NAIS ( and the Choate Financial Aid Committee are eligible to be considered for unique, need-based grants from many designated funds.  A sampling of such funds is listed below.

Paul Mellon ’25 Scholarships

The Paul Mellon ’25 Scholarships support students with a strong preference for advanced study of science and/or mathematics. Students selected must be committed to the highest levels of academic achievement and must demonstrate sound character, strong leadership potential and exceptional motivation to achieve. The admission committee evaluates candidates for this scholarship through the application and interview process.

Recipients receive funding (up to $5,000) for an advanced summer educational experience which is developed in consultation with an adviser. This experience, which can occur during any one of the summers the student will be enrolled at Choate, is designed to help further strengthen and develop the passions and talents the student exhibits in science and/or mathematics. Studying college-level coursework at a university or taking part in a student leadership conference are examples of what a recipient may choose to pursue.

Wallingford Scholarships

Wallingford Scholarships recognize, honor and support outstanding students who reside in Wallingford, Connecticut, and who demonstrate a potential for academic excellence, exhibit strong character and possess leadership qualities and diverse talents. In addition to receiving need-based financial assistance, recipients of Wallingford Scholarships are also eligible to receive an academic supply stipend and a one-time, $1,000 grant toward a summer educational experience.

Glendorn Scholarships

The Glendorn Scholarship is awarded to upper form students from the southwestern United States who display a true passion for the study of science. The scholarship covers a student’s need-based financial aid grant, books (and academic supplies) and travel.

Prep-For-Prep 9 Scholarships

Prep-for-Prep Scholarships are awarded annually to four incoming Third Form students who have participated of the Prep-for-Prep 9 program located in New York City. Students receiving Prep-for-Prep 9 scholarships are chosen by the admission committee in consultation with the Prep-for-Prep 9 administration. In addition to receiving need-based financial assistance, Prep-for-Prep 9 scholarship students receive an annual academic stipend to cover the cost of books and academic supplies along with a travel stipend to cover travel to and from campus four times annually.

Henry G. Stifel III Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Henry Stifel, Jr. and his wife in honor of their son, Henry Stifel III, who became paralyzed as a result of an automobile accident. The scholarship is to be awarded to an individual who has overcome physical adversity, and in so doing, has exhibited qualities of courage, endurance, and optimism. The scholarship is restricted to disabled students.

Endowed Scholarships

Choate's financial aid budget is primarily funded through direct gifts to the school by alumni and friends. Each year the school awards more than $10 million in financial aid to students and their families.

Gakio-Walton Scholars Program

The Gakio-Walton Scholars Program was established through the generosity of The Walton Family Foundation and alumnus Benjamin S. Walton ’92 for students from specific regions of Africa, India, the Middle East. In addition to receiving need-based financial assistance to attend Choate, Gakio-Walton Scholars receive:

  • a stipend for books and academic supplies
  • a stipend for travel to and from campus three times annually
  • a monthly stipend for personal spending
  • supplemental health insurance
  • use of a laptop computer
  • full financial assistance to attend Choate Summer Programs prior to matriculation (for international scholars only).

Choate Scholars Program

Each year the Admission Office selects students to be Choate Scholars. In addition to qualifying for financial aid, students selected to be Choate Scholars must demonstrate potential for academic excellence, leadership and character in a broad range of endeavors and must be committed to the highest levels of academic achievement. Choate Scholars receive financial aid, an academic supply stipend, a travel stipend, fee waivers for certain academic tests, a medical insurance supplement, an annual pursuit stipend and a one-time summer experience that includes an educational/leadership component. Recent Choate Scholar summer experiences include restoring a school building in the western lowlands of Ecuador and a cultural immersion/leadership experience in Australia.


Your Tuition SolutionSM

This is a private educational loan administered by Springstone Financial LLC. Families may borrow $2,000-40,000 at competitive rates with no prepayment penalty. For more information contact Your Tuition Solution at (800) 920-9777 or apply online at

prepGate —

This is a private educational loan administered by The First Marblehead Corporation. Families may borrow up to $150,000 with competitive rates with no prepayment penalty. For more information contact prepGATE at (866) 362-4283 or apply  online at