Campus Life

From athletics, to the arts, to community service, to movies at the Student Activities Center, life outside of the classroom at Choate offers great opportunities for trying new things, for self-expression, for service… and for fun!

Clubs and Special Interest Groups

Choate has a wide variety of academic and special interest groups that are supervised either by department or section heads (academic) or by a Student Activities Coordinator (non-academic). At fall orientation each year, students have opportunities to explore, express interest, and enroll in clubs, either at ClubFest (non-academic) or at specially arranged after-school meetings (academic).

Community Service

Our service-learning opportunities seek to link our school with the community of Wallingford and the surrounding towns by blending education and compassion with civic responsibility and citizenship. Through experiential learning and reflection, the Community Service program helps individuals at our school build character, develop moral foundations, and nurture a lifelong commitment to service. As an able community, we strive to acknowledge and implement our global responsibilities towards understanding and helping others.

Spiritual Life

Choate Rosemary Hall affirms the multi faith nature of society and the School.  Spiritual Life programming, therefore, seeks to encourage ethical practice and moral development; to support students from all traditions in their spiritual formation, practice, and search for meaning; and to foster multi faith dialogue.  The Director of Spiritual Life, visiting chaplains, and faculty advisers in Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant, and Roman Catholic traditions guide students in a variety of religious expressions. Weekly services include:

  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Muslim Prayers
  • Roman Catholic Mass
  • Shabbat Prayers and Dinner
  • Christian Fellowship

There are several churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues in the local area. For additional information, contact the .

The Spiritual Life Department is a part of the Spears Endowment for Spiritual and Moral Education.   

Residential Life

Choate has a variety of residences to choose from: large, dynamic dormitories, to small close-knit houses. Each of the houses has one or more faculty members (and their families!) living with, and serving as advisers to our students.

Faculty members know that residential houses are where some of the most important education takes place. Says Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life Amy Salot, “Our resident faculty do not approach dorm life as merely a job — rather, they know how vital their role is in the everyday life of a student. They are committed to ensuring that students feel valued, safe, and part of something greater than themselves.”

Dorm house advisers play the roles of parent, nurse, confidant and cheerleader. These dynamic men and women are dedicated to being an important part of the positive growth of a student, and they are what makes the school such a wonderful place for a young person to live.

To assist resident faculty, most dormitories also have prefects: sixth form students who are selected to live with the younger students to act as counselors, advisers and role models.

Day Students

Choate is an ideal mix of 75% boarding students and 25% day students. While day students live at home and commute to our campus, they are active and fully integrated members of the campus community. In addition to their academic advisers whom they keep throughout their Choate careers, there is a Director of Day Students and 10 day student prefects who are available to mentor, counsel and guide. Our day students are active in all of our school clubs, organizations, activities, and teams.

In addition, day students and their families are an excellent resource for our boarding population to make them feel at home on school breaks and offer regular support on campus at games, concerts and school events.  It is a great two-way street, as our geographically diverse boarding students (from 40 states and over 40 countries) enrich the lives of our day students and families in many ways.   We have a campus that is vibrant and active 7 days a week and it helps to have a fully engaged group of parents to support our students, forming the unique community that is Choate.

International Students

Choate’s international students arrive on campus each year from over 40 different countries, and the richness of their experiences greatly enhances our community. In addition to advisers and form deans, our Director of International Students provides support to this unique segment of the Choate population. This includes a pre-orientation program for new international students at the start of every school year, a local host family program, special events celebrating cultural diversity, and publications dedicated to sharing perspectives from around the world. Student clubs with country or regional affiliations also provide a productive channel for education, and fun.

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