High School

5 Week Programs

June 24 - July 27, 2018

Academic Enrichment

Our 5-week High School Academic Enrichment program offers more than 50 courses designed to inspire your love of learning; discover a newfound passion; challenge your skills; and build upon your successes.

We offer both traditional and innovative course options for Arts, English, History and Social Sciences, Languages, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Science.

College Bound

Additionally, students currently in grades 9, 10, and 11 can sign up for a SAT or ACT Preparation Course. The courses are taught by Summit Educational Group's expert instructors.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) is for English language learners who have studied English for at least 3 years. This 5-week program attracts talented students from around the world, who enhance their English language skills in a supportive and rigorous program.

Through the use of a wide variety of language learning strategies, ELI courses in reading and writing drive substantive changes in the student’s ability to read, write, speak and understand spoken English.


Participants must be non-native speakers of English who have studied the language for at least 3 years in their home schools and who can converse in English. In addition to the standard application, all High School ELI candidates must submit one recent composition written for English class with their teacher’s comments and corrections, and an English translation of their transcript and their school's grading system. Level placement is determined by a diagnostic test administered on the first day of classes.

Please note that a TOEFL or TOEFL Junior test is strongly recommended for English Language Institute and is required for all other programs.

Immersion Geometry

Immersion Geometry is an intensive, brisk pace course that covers the standard year-long geometry curriculum as students explore the fundamentals of Euclidean geometry and various applications of these concepts in the real world.

As time permits, algebra is incorporated to help students review and strengthen their problem-solving skills. After gaining experience making conjectures and testing hypotheses, students progress to writing formal deductive proofs, using paragraphs as well as the two-column format.

College Bound

Additionally, students enrolled in Immersion Geometry can sign up for a SAT or ACT Preparation Course. The courses are taught by Summit Educational Group's expert instructors.

Course Credit

Please note: Choate students who successfully complete this course may fulfill the diploma requirement in geometry. Returning and matriculating students entering the fourth form who have not yet completed a geometry course may choose this course for that purpose. Students entering the third form are generally not approved to take this course. In all cases, prior approval from the department head is required.

John F. Kennedy '35 Institute in Government

Established to honor the memory of President Kennedy — a member of Choate’s Class of 1935 — The John F. Kennedy '35 Institute in Government is designed to stimulate your curiosity about public policy and your desire to serve the public interest.

The highlight of the program is 3 days in Washington, D.C. As a Kennedy Institute participant, you will see government in operation by:

  • Watching House and Senate debates
  • Observing committee hearings on Capitol Hill
  • Spending time with officials in The White House and Supreme Court

You will get a real insider's feel for politics by meeting with representatives of interest groups, national political parties, and the media.

Program Courses Include: American Government and Politics, Foundations of Political Thought, Topics in Public Policy


Applicants for The Kennedy Institute should have completed their freshman year in high school and a course in U.S. history or its equivalent. Knowledge of politics is not necessary, but your desire and willingness to be engaged in various topics — politics, economics, or international affairs — is essential.

4 Week Programs

June 24 - July 20, 2018

Theater Arts Institute

The Theater Arts Institute offers students a total theater immersion experience for four weeks. Students learn the process of theater through daily classes designed to explore and enhance their skills in acting, singing, and dance. Classes are offered in text analysis, scene study and character development, improvisation, clown and commedia’del arte, dance, singing, stage combat, dialects, design and construction, theater history, and playwriting. Techniques used, but not limited to, include Laban, Spolin, Linklater, Michael Chekhov, Stanislavsky, Viewpoints, and Meisner. In addition to participating in Theater Arts classes on campus, students also have excursions to see a variety of live performances.


Students are required to submit an application, application fee, personal statement, current transcript, school recommendation, and two teacher recommendations. A DVD/CD of their performance of one piece may be mailed to the Summer Programs office, or a digital file emailed to choatesummer@choate.edu. These options are encouraged, but not required.

2 Week Programs

Session I: June 24 - July 6, 2018
Session II: July 8 - July 20, 2018

Choate Volunteer Corps

Recognizing the increasing importance of leadership and service in the lives of young men and women, Choate Volunteer Corps offers 2 weeks of collaborative seminars and hands-on service experience at one of two destinations:

  • Connecticut
  • Ghana

Successful completion of a Volunteer Corps program provides Choate Rosemary Hall students with the community service hours required for graduation.

Volunteer Corps: Connecticut

Offered Session I & II

The Volunteer Corps, CT gives students two weeks of unforgettable hands-on experience in an array of settings and equips them with the necessary tools to be change-agents in their home community. Past volunteer activities have included: caring for animals at shelters; cooking, serving food, cleaning, and managing inventory at food pantries; wheelchair square dancing at the local convalescent facility with dementia patients; repaving miles of trail using woodchips and wheelbarrows; revamping a butterfly garden at the local senior center; remodeling a multipurpose room at a Hispanic-focused non-profit; and fighting the academic achievement gap at an urban youth center through tutelage and cultural exchange. Nightly discussions are rich and evocative, often including guests who provide nuanced perspectives about volunteering in diverse contexts. We also host “Faces of Homelessness,” an organization where members give firsthand accounts of their experiences with homelessness. As a volunteer corps, we probe the shortcomings in society that have given rise to our need to volunteer, and also undergo valuable leadership training that will enable students to translate their inspiration into positive change beyond Choate. Recognizing the importance of leadership and service in the lives of youth, Choate Rosemary Hall offers a globally focused and academically reflective service learning experience.

Volunteer Corps: Ghana

Offered Session II

Open to students who have completed grade 9. The Volunteer Corps, Ghana program is marked by two and one-half weeks of cultural immersion and the opportunity to build relationships and gain experience in a classroom setting. Students learn about the intersection of education and poverty eradication. The program’s service project offers an authentic solution to a real problem faced by Heritage Academy. The trip is made up of two parts:

  1. Teaching classes to middle school children at Heritage Academy in Breman Essiam, Ghana
  2. A service project that benefits the school. The group resides in a rented guest house in Ajumako, a nearby town.

The group resides in a rented guest house in Ajumako, a nearby town. Students teach two or three 50-minute classes per day either alone or with a partner. In addition, all students work with Heritage students in the Reading Program for two periods each day. After school, the group engages in a community service project. Past projects have included painting classrooms, building bookshelves and organizing the library, and making bricks for repairs and new construction. Weekend trips include visits to the Cape Coast and Kakum National Park, as well as historical and cultural sites such as the Elmina slave castle, the National Museum in Accra, and the W.E.B Dubois House.

Documentary Filmmaking

The Documentary Filmmaking program offers a 2 week introduction to film production for current 8th graders and above. Week one, Reading Film, includes screenings of milestone and iconic moving images. Week two, Writing with Film, includes a shooting and editing practicum culminating in a documentary short film or personal video essay.

Math & Science Workshops

The Math & Science Workshops are 2-week programs in Chemistry, Physics and Precalculus. Classes are geared toward helping you improve your skills and get ahead in your coursework. Class size is limited to a small number of students, ensuring that teachers have more than enough time to devote to individual attention.

Concepts in Chemistry

Designed to be an introduction to some of the central concepts in first-year Chemistry courses, this course aims to expose students to some of the more challenging parts of the traditional Chemistry curriculum so that they have a greater chance for success.
Prerequisite: Algebra I.

Concepts in Physics: Waves And Light (Session II)

Session II of this workshop focuses on several introductory topics included in a study of sound and light waves such as interference, refraction, diffraction, and dispersion in order to help students transition into their prospective courses. Prerequisite: Algebra I (Concepts in Physics - Mechanics is preferred, but not required.)

Concepts in Physics:
Mechanics (Session I)

This workshop focuses on increasing students’ comfort-level with this often challenging discipline. The course focuses on several introductory topics including kinetics and Newton’s Laws of Motion in order to help students transition into their prospective courses.
Prerequisite: Algebra I.

Concepts in Precalculus

This workshop starts with a thorough investigation of functions and their graphs (operations, symmetries, stretches, translations, and inverses). Specific functions studied include polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Real world applications of functions are an important focus of many discussions. Other topics such as sequences and series, conic sections, and limits are covered as time permits. Prerequisite: Algebra II.

Oceanographic Institute

The majority of our planet is covered by oceans. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology allows us to access from the surface the farthest reaches of these largely unexplored undersea confines.

During the 2 week Oceanographic Institute, students are exposed to the skills and technologies used by geologists and oceanographers including the use of topographic and bathymetric maps, plate tectonics, volcanology, and ocean currents and tides. Students work with researchers onboard Dr. Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus via our communications console.

Writing Workshops

The Writing Workshops help students enrich their skills as readers, writers and critical thinkers. Students are grouped into sections by age and ability, allowing them to receive instruction with age-appropriate curriculum, geared toward their specific interests.

Our proven programs, led by a variety of talented and experienced faculty, provide an opportunity for students to write and read in a supportive and intellectually-challenging environment.

Combining Programs

2-week courses can be combined to create your own 4-week program:

Writing Workshops Science Workshops Math Workshops
Documentary Filmmaking Choate Volunteer Corps Oceanographic Institute

A Day in the Life:

7:15-7:55 Breakfast with dormmate. Make-your-own-omelets!
8:15-8:45 IMMERSION GEOMETRY Morning Session. Review homework and go over questions. Present problems on board.
8:45-10:30 Begin new material. Prove theorems. Work through examples.
10:30 BREAK Grab a Latte at the Tuck Shop.
10:45-11:30 Group work.
11:30 Working Lunch.
12:30-1:15 IMMERSION GEOMETRY Afternoon Session Review issues with assignments. Cover new material.
1:45 BREAK Hangout in Lanphier Center.
2:40 Class Day ends.
3:00-3:45 Grab ice cream downtown (2 blocks away!)
4:15-5:15 Tennis practice.
5:30-6:00 Dinner with friends.
6:15-7:15 Dorm sports.
8:00-10:00 Study Hours. Study for tomorrow’s quiz and go for extra help!
10:00-10:30 Study Break. Thai food delivery!
10:30-11:00 Finish homework. Call home.