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Our Distinctions

Academic Exploration

Choate provides students with transformative and meaningful experiences that instill lifelong habits of learning, leadership, and service, shaped by innovative and passionate educators.

Just the Right Size

Our School is large enough to support a wide range of academic opportunities and extracurricular offerings, but small enough to support the connections and relationships that help our students thrive. 

Authentic Community

Choate cultivates a vibrant community of principled individuals from diverse backgrounds and unites them through common purpose, active engagement, and mutual respect. We value shared experiences and traditions that shape character, build cohesion, generate school spirit, and foster lifelong connections. 

Signature Programs


An unmatched array of opportunities to pursue a specific interest in-depth. 

Unparalleled Facilities

From the i.d.Lab© to the St. John Hall student center, our academic and extracurricular spaces are designed and purpose built to support the student experience. 

Minds Always Open.

Learning doesn’t stop at 3 p.m.

As a student at Choate, you’ll explore your interests and pursue your passions well beyond the boundaries of a typical school day. When you live and learn here, the entire campus becomes your classroom, and there are opportunities for exploration everywhere you look.

Our Opportunities

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Girls softball

Our Stories

Henrik '22


The people at Choate inspire me. Whether they be bright-eyed freshmen or our faculty members who have seen decades of classes walk the halls, everyone brings a unique passion and story to the community. I hope to inspire others by sharing my story and make them realize that anything is possible. Before stepping onto Choate’s campus, I had never dreamed of leaving home to attend boarding school. Now, I couldn’t imagine a different life. I tell all my mentees and underclassmen friends to take advantage of all the available opportunities, throw themselves at challenges, and ask for help when needed. The community will always be there to support its students. With passion and dedication, any Choate student can succeed and make an impact.

Dr. Myers

Dean of Equity and Inclusion

I love getting to have time with new students during orientation days. It's during this time together with all new students, as well as the Pathways Mentoring Program mentors and mentees, that my Associate Dean and I can clearly state to all new students: "You belong here as your whole self." Belonging is about accepting everyone fully, including differences and competencies. 

Here at Choate, we have a long-standing network of support for our students coming from abroad, helping students adjust to boarding school, and supporting students with marginalized racial identities. Our Director of Global Programs also serves as Adviser to International Students. Both new International students and new students of color can opt in to mentoring programs where they are matched with returning upper-form international students and students of color, respectively. These programs are designed to foster mentoring relationships, inclusion, and belonging throughout the whole year. In addition, all residential faculty advisers and the amazing Student Activities Team, are committed to imparting support, wisdom and FUN to students who are new to boarding school.

dr rachel myers

Brecken '24


Before attending Choate, I did not know about the many opportunities presented to me here that I never even thought I could do. Everyone here is positive and generous, and their excitement gives me the courage to try new things. 

I think the brilliance of going to Choate is that I do not have to decide on one main interest. Instead, I can pursue several main interests at the same time. The multitude of interests that everyone has here is what makes the campus vibrant and unique. I really enjoy caring for my community and being a part of the Student Council. I also enjoy playing soccer, basketball; and I had the opportunity to do Crew this year, and I absolutely fell in love with the sport. Overall I get to engage in all of my interests here at Choate, and that’s what makes the experience so rewarding. 

student portrait, brecken

Mr. Small

Science Teacher

I enjoy seeing students’ eyes light up when they figure out a new concept, or seeing the pride on their faces when they present a project they are proud of. Sometimes a classroom can be so dynamic with energy and interest—students bouncing thoughts back and forth between one another and exploring and playing with ideas.

We can show students how much they are capable of by providing encouragement, appropriate challenges, and good feedback. I also think Choate is remarkably flexible and supportive of creativity in its teachers, and this makes for a dynamic and fun teaching and learning environment.

teacher in tech lab

Athena '24


Choate helps me find my passion by providing a diverse variety of opportunities for all Choate students. For example, the signature programs, 100+ clubs or even the broad span of courses that allow students to dig deeper into subjects that interest them. Through this, Choate has helped me find my best self by challenging me to balance homework, club meetings, and socializing, which has helped my time management skills. And as the year went on, I became more comfortable with speaking in class, and opening up to my friends, teachers, and faculty. 

Choate has inspired me to express my creativity and opinions through writing in my English 100 class, to inspiring me to run for both student council and especially Judicial Committee, to being able to voice my thoughts on current social matters to my pears due to the strong, bold, and amazing upperclassman leaders.  

student portrait of Athena

Dr. Jewett

Form Dean

Nothing can compare to the amazing discussions that happen on this campus—on the paths after practice, in the dorms, in the dining hall, and—of course—in classrooms. When you have ten young people around a seminar table and you’re discussing—for example—the advantages and disadvantages of a separation between church and state, there is so much engagement, connection, and passion for learning that is a natural result of the diverse life experiences of our students.

To take a course on international relations with students from nine different countries—as has happened here—is unforgettable! I remember hearing a small group of girls sitting in the locker room after basketball practice one winter discussing where the “seat of the soul” was in the body according to the spiritual traditions they grew up with. Some were pointing to their heads, some to their hearts, and one to her stomach! It was so cool! These conversations don’t happen in many other contexts.

dean of class of 2023, dr. katie jewett

Andrew '21


The connection between teachers and students was unlike anything I have ever experienced, and it was life-changing. Teachers weren’t just instructors, they were friends, colleagues, coaches, and neighbors. 

It sounds cliche, but I encourage all new students to jump at every opportunity to be uncomfortable. I looked at Choate as a blank canvas, and was something of a “yes-man” my first year. I tried new clubs, introduced myself to new people, explored new sports, and put my fears aside and offered myself to learning and growth.

student with backpack on in library