Sexual Misconduct Reporting & Resources

Since receiving Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network's (RAINN) evaluation of Choate’s policies and procedures in the spring of 2017, we have worked diligently to further codify our sexual misconduct prevention and response policies to ensure that they reflect the highest possible standard of care. Choate remains committed to maintaining a safe community for all and to ongoing review and revision of these policies as needed to ensure that our approach is in keeping with best practices regarding sexual misconduct prevention and response. We share these policies in full, alongside other updates on our work in this area, with our whole community to promote greater understanding and safety for all.

  • Reviewed recommendations and created a detailed implementation plan for RAINN Program Assessment action items.
  • Announced the creation of a Wellness Coordinator position and then hired Holly Hinderlie, Ph.D. to fill the position.
  • Updated the Student Handbook to reflect codified Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Implemented even more rigorous background check requirements for current and new faculty, staff, and campus residents.
  • Reviewed admission policy for students with a disciplinary record and information sharing for students dismissed from Choate.
  • Developed and published a comprehensive Sexual Misconduct Policy for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Established a Sexual Misconduct Policy Advisory Committee.
  • Codified reporting, investigation, adjudication, amnesty and non-retaliation processes for students and adults on campus.
  • Hosted sexual harassment training for new faculty.
  • Conducted annual on-campus training for all faculty and staff on mandated reporting, the Sexual Misconduct Policy, reporting resources, and response procedures.
  • Provided additional training on victim-centered, trauma-informed response for Community Safety Officers, Health Center staff, Counselors, Prefects, and Senior Officers.
  • Facilitated age appropriate consent and sexual misconduct training for all students.
  • Completed Board of Trustees training on mandated reporting, the Sexual Misconduct Policy, reporting resources, and response procedures.
  • Coordinated sexual misconduct reporting and response training for all adult campus residents.

Reporting Resources

Current students, faculty or staff may make a report of sexual misconduct by contacting:

Holly Hinderlie, Wellness Coordinator
hhinderlie@choate.edu or (203) 697-2374.

In the unlikely event that the Wellness Coordinator cannot be contacted, a student may reach out to any of the following, who will provide immediate assistance:

Choate Community Safety (203) 697-2000 or (203) 697-2466
Dean on Duty (203) 430-0649 or (203) 430-1659
Or, any trusted adult.

Alumni may make a report of sexual misconduct during their time at school by contacting:

Kathleen Wallace, Associate Head of School
klw@choate.edu or (203) 697-2496.

Alumni who wish to access a therapy fund that has been established to support alumni who want help paying for current therapy needed because of adult sexual misconduct they experienced during their time at Choate should contact Claims Administrator, Bernie Fitzgerald. View the Frequently Asked Questions about the Choate Rosemary Hall Therapy Fund

Immediate crisis counseling is available for students at Pratt Health Center and for faculty, staff, and alumni through RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) at (800) 656-4673 or www.rainn.org.

All communication will be handled in a private manner.