Choate is a diverse community dedicated to academic and personal excellence and rooted in the values of integrity, respect, and compassion. We are comprised of 850+ students and 300+ faculty and staff members.

As a community we firmly believe that education takes place not only in our classrooms, but also in the dormitories, on the fields and stages, and anywhere faculty and staff interact with our students. Each of us embraces the importance of lifelong learning, and we support one another in developing individual talents.

Choate cultivates a vibrant community of principled individuals from diverse backgrounds and unites them through common purpose, active engagement, and mutual respect. We believe that diversity provides for richer intellectual growth and more creative outcomes as it builds both a stronger community and stronger individuals.

Choate is committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting an exceptional faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the student body and are dynamic educators deeply committed to the entire student experience.

Current Openings

Teaching at Choate


Teaching at a boarding school is a lifestyle decision. It extends beyond teaching in the classroom to coaching on the playing fields, directing in the theater, advising in our residential houses, and all the varied and informal ways in which adults and adolescents interact. You should consider teaching at Choate only if you are prepared to commit to the full, and immensely rewarding, residential life experience of a boarding school community. Choate is dedicated to recruiting, retaining, and supporting an exceptional faculty who reflect the diversity of the student body and are dynamic educators deeply committed to the entire student experience.

Faculty and Curriculum

Choate provides students with transformative and meaningful experiences that instill lifelong habits of learning, leadership, and service, shaped by innovative and passionate educators. Teaching faculty at Choate are innovative, collaborative, and committed to our students' intellectual, social, emotional, and character development. Our faculty understands that each of our students has the potential for growth and works to encourage students to develop their own ideas and voices.

Choate is known for a rigorous academic program and the breadth and depth of our curriculum. Our course offerings include a strong foundation in core courses and are complemented by a rich array of electives, including honors courses in a wide variety of subject areas. A particular strength of Choate's curriculum is our Signature Programs, which offer opportunities for immersive study and research. Whatever their interests, Choate students find challenge and support in the academic program and the faculty who teach and mentor them.

A leader in curricular innovation, Choate works continuously to provide the best possible educational environment and experience for both students and educators. One of the first independent schools in the country to adopt a 1:1 iPad program, Choate is committed to using technology thoughtfully to enhance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom. Whether leveraging the flipped classroom model, teaching online courses, or participating in multi-school collaborative efforts to explore educational issues both locally and globally, faculty members at Choate actively engage in curricular initiatives to maximize student engagement and improve learning. The Lanphier Center, a state-of-the-art math and computer science building, opened in 2015. This building houses two i.d. Lab spaces for a variety of multidisciplinary courses that feature hands-on, experiential learning with a strong foundation in design thinking. Choate draws on a rich tradition of excellence while it seeks to prepare students to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Professional Development

Great teachers are great role models both in and out of the classroom. Choate expects its faculty to embrace the ethos of a growth mindset throughout their careers by actively developing their abilities as teachers and mentors at a residential school. Choate has a robust program for faculty development, during the school year and in the summer. Workshops, conferences, professional development programs, and other activities are a part of the school year program to help faculty grow professionally and personally. Summer study grants are available for faculty in support in their development of teaching content and methodology as well as how to work effectively with adolescents. Believing that good teachers are also life-long learners, the School awards over $150,000 annually for professional development, study and travel grants, and curriculum development.

Whether experienced or first-year teachers, new Choate faculty are assigned a mentor to help them through their first year. Mentors are experienced Choate faculty who are invaluable resources in adjusting to working at Choate, but who are also interested in engaging new faculty in ideas about teaching and learning through a collaborative effort. Each academic year begins with a new faculty orientation program in late August, followed by regular meetings throughout the year to discuss teaching and learning and to share experiences in an environment that promotes professional growth and self-reflection.

Teaching Fellowships

Choate's Teaching Fellowship program provides college graduates who are interested in pursuing teaching as a possible career with practical experience in all elements of working at a boarding school. A limited number of teaching/coaching fellowships are available each year. Positions are open to college and university graduates who have an undergraduate degree in their teaching discipline. The Choate Fellowship program is an immersion program, and Fellows are expected to teach two or three classes, have residential life commitments, and contribute to the extracurricular life of the School.

Teaching fellows are assigned a mentor to guide them through their first year of teaching and advising. Regular class visits to the mentor's classes, and by the mentor to the fellow's classes, are expected. Mentors and fellows engage in conversation regularly regarding lesson plans, teaching methods, grading, and all other aspects of teaching. In addition, all new Choate faculty partake in a yearlong series of meetings that allow for substantive discussions about teaching and advising within the boarding school setting.

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Choate prohibits in all its programs discrimination against or harassment of any member or group based upon age, gender, race, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetic predisposition, ancestry or other categories protected by Connecticut or federal law. It does not discriminate on these bases in the administration of its admission process, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletics, or other school-administered programs.