Director of Counseling

The Director of Counseling position is a 46-week administrative faculty position reporting to the Director of Health Services. Choate Health Services is a multidisciplinary department providing mental health, behavioral health, medical care, and other supportive services to the students of Choate Rosemary Hall.

The Director of Counseling acts as part of the Health Services management team during the academic year and summer programs and is responsible for coordinating and providing psychological evaluations, direct counseling and therapy, crisis intervention, and behavioral health outreach for students at Choate Rosemary Hall within the scope of his or her training and licensure. This position includes a case load for an appropriate number of student referrals. The Director of Counseling oversees the daily operation of the counseling program at Choate, coordinates all services to students by the Counseling Team and provides clinical supervision to members of the Counseling Team as appropriate. As part of the management team, he or she also provides direction and contributes to the planning of short and long term goals for Choate Health Services.

The Director of Counseling performs the following duties:

As the Director:

  • Coordinates weekly Counseling Team meetings and trimester meetings with form deans;
  • Participates in decision-making process regarding medical leaves of absence and assists in implementation, if necessary;
  • Coordinates ongoing contact with students on medical leaves of absence and their therapists, and coordinates possible return;
  • Oversees the development of protocols for the management of common or dangerous conditions, e.g. eating disorders, major depression, mood disorders, and suicidality;
  • Provides administrative supervision of all Choate counselers, in part through individual meetings and tracking pertinent statistics;
  • Provides clinical supervison for counselors, as appropriate, or helps arrange same;
  • Confers with the Wellness Coordinator on follow-up counseling for students who are victims of sexual misconduct;
  • Prepares the Counseling End of Year Report with contributions from the Health Services team;
  • Participates in the development and implementation of health education programs;
  • Serves as liaison to off campus therapists that utilize office space on campus;
  • Identifies potential referral sources for the School, e.g.; community psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical social workers;
  • Working with the Director of Health Services and Director of Nursing, supervises the Health Services' administrative staff;
  • Manages the Counseling budget;
  • Ensures appropriate supervision and support of the Peer Education program and Assessment Team;
  • Attends biannual meetings of the New England Independent School Counselors.

As a Licensed Clinician:

  • Provides evaluations and counseling for students;
  • Communicates with parents, administrators, faculty, and clinical professionals as needed and within the scope of Choate Rosemary Hall's Notice of Privacy Practices;
  • Confers with the Choate Consulting Psychiatrist and other clinical professionals for diagnostic and management assistance;
  • Functions as a referral source (to a psychiatrist or outside therapists) for students, parents, and faculty;
  • Directly monitors students who are working with private therapists and functions as their case manager;
  • Provides or coordinates on-call mental health services including during school breaks;
  • Provides consultation, advice, and education to faculty and advisers on individual student issues, within the scope of Choate's Notice of Privacy Practices, as well as on campus-wide concerns or incidents (such as sleep, stress, or loss of a community member);
  • Maintains electronic case notes and other documentation as required by State law and Health Services' policies and procedures;
  • Adapts counseling techniques to ensure equitable and respectful care and support for students with diverse cultural beliefs and practices, from varied backgrounds, and with varying degrees of health and wellness literacy;
  • Meets all requirements for the maintenance of his or her clinician license;
  • Participates in continuing education programs to remain up-to-date in his or her field.

The Director of Counseling sits on the following committee:

  • Committee on Standing

The Director of Counseling takes on other duties as assigned by the Director of Health Services, Dean of Students, and Dean of Faculty.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Masters degree in a mental health discipline (e.g. psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, or social work).
  • Currently licensed by the State of Connecticut or immediately license eligible;
  • At least four years of experience providing licensed, direct psychological services to adolescents;
  • Demonstrated understanding of and training in the delivery of culturally competent care;
  • Experience in independent boarding schools or residential colleges preferred; equivalent experience will be considered;
  • Satisfactory completion of a routine background check.

All inquiries should be submitted to Kathy White, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty, at kwhite@choate.edu. Please submit a cover letter describing your qualifications, a current resume, and a list of three references, with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.