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Two interwoven priorities define the Choate experience:

  1. A rigorous academic curriculum
  2. An emphasis on the formation of character in a residential setting that allows for teachers and students to live with, and learn from, each other in important ways.
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The curriculum inspires students to: 

  • Think critically and to communicate clearly
  • Understand various methods of intellectual inquiry and their connections to each other
  • Recognize the interconnections of learning
  • Work independently and in partnership with others
  • Develop a global perspective on cultural, social, political, and environmental issues
  • Appreciate the importance of beauty and grace in their lives
  • Achieve distinction in accordance with their individual interests and talents

In these ways, students are prepared to seek knowledge for its own sake and to pursue further study at the finest colleges and universities.

The development of character is a responsibility that rests with every member of the community. In classrooms, on playing fields, in residential houses, students grow in confidence and self-esteem, and are instilled with such fundamental values as honesty, integrity, teamwork, generosity, and compassion toward others. Choate Rosemary Hall also fosters community involvement and service as it prepares students to assume leadership roles in an ever-changing world. As part of its commitment to character formation, the school offers regular community-wide reflections on moral and spiritual issues, as well as exposure to various religious traditions.

Choate attracts intellectually gifted and motivated students from diverse backgrounds whose commitment to serious study is enhanced in this personally supportive and academically challenging setting. On a campus that inspires a particular sensitivity to beauty, teachers—who share genuine respect and affection for young people—impart an enthusiasm for life and for learning. 

Choate is confident that its graduates will go forth from a school that values each of them for their particular talents and enthusiasms; that affirms the importance of personal integrity and a sense of self-worth; that inspires and nourishes joy in learning and love of truth; and that provides the intellectual stimulation to generate independent thought, confident expression, and a commitment to improve the welfare of others.


Statement of Expectations

All members of the community have an obligation to know and uphold Choate’s values and strive to embody them in word and deed.

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Statement of Character

Choate perceives character—the personal commitment to moral sensibility, to an informed conscience, to an expansive “heart,” and to exercising moral choices—as an integral part of who a person is.

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Central Qualities of a Choate Education

Dynamic balance characterizes the Choate Rosemary Hall experience. It is at the core of what we value and teach, both in and out of the classroom, preparing our students especially well for success in a world filled with challenges and opportunities. At Choate as in life, constructive leaders demonstrate self-motivation, curiosity and creativity, and effective communication skills.

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