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Statement of Expectations

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At the heart of Choate Rosemary Hall is a culture defined by integrity, respect, and compassion. All members of the community have an obligation to know and uphold Choate’s values and strive to embody them in word and deed. We therefore expect that all members of the community will:

  • respect other people and their privacy and property, both within and beyond the School.
  • treat all human beings with dignity, refraining from behavior that intimidates, insults, threatens, bullies, coerces, abuses, exploits, harasses, humiliates, or demeans.
  • support and promote a school climate that does not discriminate against any individual or group.
  • use words constructively, avoiding gossip and other inappropriate or unproductive dissemination of information.
  • maintain high standards of honesty, avoiding deception, half-truths, and deliberately misleading words or behavior.
  • exemplify principles of responsibility and fairness in daily life.
  • observe safe behavior and report unsafe conditions or practices.
  • cultivate compassion and seek to serve others, both within and beyond Choate.

Living Our Values

Choate cultivates a school environment in which all members of the community feel valued, safe, and part of something greater than themselves.

Adults in the community work to understand the developmental needs of adolescents, support their emerging identities, and promote their healthy growth, embracing the responsibility to provide a clear and consistent structure for students and engage them in conversation about our community standards.

Safety and Wellbeing

Every member of the community has a responsibility to support a safe school environment by refraining from harmful and unsafe behavior and reporting such behavior when observed.

Adults are expected to identify and report suspicions of harassment, abuse, and sexual or other misconduct and will not engage in such behaviors themselves. In addition to their reporting obligations to the School, all employees are mandated reporters of suspected abuse or neglect of students as specified by Connecticut state law.

Interpersonal Boundaries and Power Dynamics

Adults must be alert to the power imbalance in their relationships, whether with students or other adults, and be especially attuned to ways in which others may perceive their words or actions given that imbalance.

Students must also be mindful of the power they have in various roles at school. They must use their roles constructively, always avoiding intimidation and abuse of authority.

Adults must not lean on students for emotional support, share personal information with students to an inappropriate degree, or engage in any behavior that blurs the lines between adult and student.

Adults and students alike must be conscious of their choices regarding language, dress, personal space, and physical touch, understanding that their choices affect others.


Adults have an obligation to model through both language and behavior the values and expectations we have as a school, being especially conscious of their actions at times and in places when students can observe them.

Older and returning students must take seriously the power of their example on younger and newer students, accepting the responsibility to model and transmit the values and character of Choate Rosemary Hall.

Information, Confidences, Trust

Knowing that information has power and value, members of the community must take special care to safeguard personal information with which they are entrusted, always striving to promote the dignity of others.

Students and adults alike have an obligation to protect confidential information shared by others, unless that information raises concerns that someone’s physical or mental health may be at risk. In such instances, adults must share the information through appropriate channels at the School; students are encouraged to do the same.

In the context of responsive, genuine relationships, all members of the community help others to develop a sense of belonging, encourage empathy and compassion, and promote an environment that is kind, generous, and open to the free flow of ideas. As members of this community, we acknowledge that our actions reflect not only on ourselves but also on the School as a whole and therefore strive to live in a way consistent with our values.
Statement of Expectations in Practice: School and Family Partnership

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