Statement of Character

Choate perceives character – the personal commitment to moral sensibility, to an informed conscience, to an expansive “heart,” and to exercising moral choices – as an integral part of who a person is.

In all aspects of life at Choate, we attempt to nurture and promote the development of sound character. Among the elements of sound character that the School has identified as central to a person’s life and to our life as a community are:


Integrity means, at root, to be whole. We must each work toward self-knowledge, self-awareness; the beliefs and values that spring from this should be reflected in our behavior. Integrity requires honesty in our academic work and our personal lives; such honesty is crucial for nurturing individual relationships and a community of trust. As we build integrity, we must develop the ability to stand up for what is right.


Respect involves treating oneself and others with dignity. This includes the acceptance, perhaps even the celebration, of our differences. Respect also includes taking responsibility for our commitments to ourselves and to others, as well as treating all people in a fair, nonprejudicial manner. Respect should extend beyond the Choate community and characterize our interactions with all individuals.


Compassion means having a true understanding of, and sympathy for, the condition and needs of others. This requires developing an awareness of what is happening in the lives of other people. Such awareness forms the foundation for, and encouragement of, acts of generosity and support for those in need.