2013 Strategic Plan

Choate Rosemary Hall is a school dedicated to transformative student experiences. Drawing on over one hundred and twenty years as a demonstrated leader in education, Choate has moved with confidence into the 21st century integrating innovation with our traditional strengths. With this Strategic Plan, Choate recommits to ideals and practices that reflect its stature in secondary education and that enhance the long-term future of the institution.

Choate unites creative, passionate, and engaged young people with dedicated educators in a diverse but cohesive community. Through a rigorous curriculum that combines breadth of knowledge with signature immersion experiences, Choate students hone the ability to think independently and critically, to express themselves confidently and cogently, and to delight in the beauty of ideas and inquiry. The connections forged among our students, and between students and their mentors, nurture in them the spirit to care about the welfare of others, to respect their environment, and to improve the world they are inheriting.

Cohesion and Culture

Choate cultivates a vibrant community of principled individuals from diverse backgrounds and unites them through common purpose, active engagement, and mutual respect.

We value shared experiences and traditions that shape character, build cohesion, generate school spirit, and foster lifelong connections.


  • Promote a culture defined by integrity, honor, ethical behavior, and good decision-making.
  • Instill in our students an appreciation for the history of the School, reinforce the importance of their contribution to that heritage, and prepare them for the legacy they will inherit as alumni.
  • Capitalize on the abundance of existing student groups (e.g., athletic and academic teams; ensembles; productions; clubs; dorms; and the like) to bolster active engagement in campus life.
  • Provide leadership and character development opportunities, such as community-wide service initiatives, that establish an enduring commitment to the greater good.

We will ensure that the School’s programming, size, facilities, and resources remain pre-eminent and foster a cohesive, vibrant campus community.


  • Allocate appropriate resources so that the entire school can gather to share, celebrate, and reflect.
  • Evaluate the pace and quality of life for students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis.
  • Review housing and advising models to ensure optimal support for our students.

Enrollment and Student Outcomes

Choate is committed to enrolling exceptional students and preparing them to achieve success in higher education, to be adaptable in a rapidly changing world, to improve the communities in which they live, and to find fulfillment in their chosen pursuits.

We seek to enroll the most talented and accomplished individuals who together create an engaged and inspiring student body.


  • Ensure the admission process reaches and attracts students who will benefit most from the Choate experience and contribute in significant ways to their graduating class and the school community.
  • Continue to expand Choate’s presence nationally and internationally.
  • Conduct a strategic assessment of financial aid resources and practices to optimize enrollment and access.

We will commit additional resources to support enrollment and student outcomes.


  • Coordinate admission and college counseling efforts to develop mutually supportive and collaborative processes.
  • Collect and utilize institutional data, including longitudinal studies, to assess and enhance student outcomes.

Teaching and Learning

Choate provides students with transformative and meaningful experiences that instill lifelong habits of learning, leadership, and service, shaped by innovative and passionate educators.

We will continue to identify, promote, and enhance distinctive characteristics of the overall student experience.


  • Articulate and cultivate the essential skills and habits of mind inherent in a Choate education.
  • Ensure a balanced slate of opportunities for exploration, growth, and distinction.
  • Reaffirm the centrality of Choate’s Signature Academic Programs to the educational mission of the School and assess their scope and impact.
  • Explore further opportunities for online and blended learning.
  • Maximize active and engaged student learning through experiential education, creative endeavors, and project-based curricula.
  • Build on our rich tradition of international programs and cross-cultural immersion to provide additional authentic opportunities for global study and service.

We will recruit, retain, and support an exceptional faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the student body and are dynamic educators deeply committed to the entire student experience.


  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain talented, dedicated educators.
  • Provide time and support for innovation and creativity by analyzing workload models and adjusting them as necessary.
  • Expand professional development opportunities, including time and resources for courses, iPad implementation, conferences, workshops, and peer collaboration.
  • Continue to enhance the residential experience for our faculty and their families.

Communication and Outreach

Choate will capitalize on traditional media and emerging technologies to communicate the exciting and innovative nature of campus life with constituents and the broader world.

We will effectively communicate the distinguishing qualities of the Choate experience.


  • Convey the distinctive components of the Choate experience in a way that resonates with prospective families, other school constituents, and the educational community.
  • Increase efforts to nurture and engage an informed alumni base.
  • Reinforce standards for external messaging and consistent branding of Choate.
  • Enhance the School’s digital presence through websites, social media, and mobile applications.
Choate Strategic Plan