2013 Strategic Plan

Choate Rosemary Hall is a school dedicated to transformative student experiences. Drawing on over one hundred and twenty years as a demonstrated leader in education, Choate has moved with confidence into the 21st century integrating innovation with our traditional strengths. With this Strategic Plan, Choate recommits to ideals and practices that reflect its stature in secondary education and that enhance the long-term future of the institution.

Choate unites creative, passionate, and engaged young people with dedicated educators in a diverse but cohesive community. Through a rigorous curriculum that combines breadth of knowledge with signature immersion experiences, Choate students hone the ability to think independently and critically, to express themselves confidently and cogently, and to delight in the beauty of ideas and inquiry. The connections forged among our students, and between students and their mentors, nurture in them the spirit to care about the welfare of others, to respect their environment, and to improve the world they are inheriting.

Choate Strategic Plan