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Choate Rosemary Hall

2021 Strategic Plan
Members of the Choate Rosemary Hall Community,

We as a school pride ourselves on who we are—a community committed to integrity, respect, and compassion. We also know that our identity cannot be defined by these words alone—it must be supported by the actions we take each day, both as individuals and as an institution.

Choate Rosemary Hall’s 2021 Strategic Plan seeks to do precisely that: to unify our commitments with our actions. Through 2019 and into the start of 2020, we, along with the Board of Trustees and senior administrators, met with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents, seeking far-reaching ideas regarding Choate’s current direction and reflecting upon how we as an institution need to adapt in order to benefit all of our constituents. Through these discussions and past planning processes we have learned that a good strategic plan is so much more than a checklist—it is a focused, thoughtful, and succinct way to streamline institutional priorities while giving us the flexibility to evolve, improve, and do the things we do well even better. It allows us to make decisions that honor our values. It does not redefine who we are, but instead, allows us to find better ways of embracing the best of ourselves and our community.

Through the 2021 Strategic Plan, we strive to solidify Choate as a place of action, innovation, and collaboration. We look forward to seeing these goals guide us into new projects, new strategies, and new commitments as the future unfolds.


Alex D. Curtis
Head of School

George Colony ’72
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Our Core

We will build on our tradition of providing transformational academic and extracurricular student experiences by continuously adopting new ways of teaching and learning.


Our Culture

We will develop good character in our students and promote respect for equity and fairness, responsible citizenship, wellness, and an innovative and positive approach to the future.


Into the Future

We will better society through the contributions of students we graduate into the world.