At its core, being sustainable requires that, in meeting our needs, we do not decrease the potential of current and future generations to meet their needs.

Choate Rosemary Hall's essential mission is the education of young people so they become informed, active, and responsible members of the world community. To ensure our students gain a fuller awareness of that world and their impact on it, we incorporate sustainability into the life of the school, with emphasis on three overarching areas: curriculum, student life, and school operations.

As we work to achieve the goals inherent in this three-pronged approach, Choate is committed to: teaching ourselves even as we learn from others what it means to be socially, economically, and environmentally responsible; challenging community members to take personal responsibility for individual and collective actions; modeling sustainability education for K-12 institutions; and promoting sustainability locally and globally. In so doing, we hope to guarantee that present and future students can enjoy the beauty, diversity, and resources of the Earth for generations to come.

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    Support for sustainability initiatives at Choate are provided in part by The Dilmaghani Fund.

    Sustainability in Action