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Sustainability in Student Life

High school years are a time of growth, exploration, and discovery; they are a transitional period during which young adults acquire the skills, develop the habits, and gain perspectives that influence how they will live their lives and interact with the world around them. As our students navigate this period in their lives, we provide them with opportunities to engage physically and intellectually with that world and to develop a perspective on the connections between local actions and global consequences.

Sustainability in the context of student life is defined as the organizations, events, and initiatives we offer our students outside of the classroom through which they educate community members, promote environmental awareness, and practice sustainable living. A sample of these are:

Sustainability Goals for Student Life

  • Emphasize sustainability as a core value in residential life and advising.
  • Continue to train and educate students through a combination of events, workshops, speakers and peer-to-peer education opportunities.
  • Evaluate programs and policies as they pertain to student life with an eye towards maximizing sustainability in these programs.
  • Support the work of Driving Equity at Choate as it pertains to justice and inclusion, which are core tenets of sustainability.
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff in the evaluation and modification of these programs.

Conservation Proctors Program (C-Proctors)

C-Proctors are the student environmental task force, charged with educating the Choate community, developing and implementing sustainability programs, and creating conservation-focused events around campus.

Student-Run Environmental Clubs

  • Environmental Action Coalition
  • Students Advocates for Environmentalism

Green Cup Challenge

In early 2007 Choate participated in its first Green Cup Challenge and has been part of the program each year since then. The Green Cup Challenge is an interscholastic competition directed at reducing electrical consumption.

Hydro Cup

Capitalizing on the success of the Green Cup Challenge, Choate students launched the Hydro Cup. This is an annual inter-dorm competition to achieve the greatest savings in water usage for a period of three weeks. Educating on water conservation helps to reduce water usage during each competition and seems to have a lasting impact.