Kohler Environmental Center

The Kohler Environmental Center (KEC) is Choate’s leading-edge environmental research and education center located just east of the main campus. It has three working laboratories, two classrooms and a greenhouse. It is home to the Environmental Immersion Program, a year-long residential and interdisciplinary program open to fifth and sixth form students who have a passion for understanding and preserving our natural environment.

The KEC Mission is to create a scholarly community dedicated to promoting environmental understanding, stewardship of the land, and social responsibility.

Some of the environmentally advanced design features of the LEED Platinum KEC include:
  • A one acre, 296-kilowatt ground-mounted photovoltaic (solar) array that provides 100% of the KEC’s energy demand.
  • A rooftop solar evacuated tube system that provides hot water for residents.
  • A research greenhouse that provides a computer-controlled environment in which students, faculty, and visiting scholars can conduct experiments.
  • Supplemental heat is supplied by burning biodiesel made from waste vegetable oil.


Environmental Immersion Program


Emphasizing the best of collaborative learning, the Kohler Environmental Center is the ultimate working, living laboratory and offers endless possibilities for learning, growth and change.” Dr. Alex Curtis, Head of school