The Arts Department mission is to inspire, nurture and support every student in recognizing their inherent artistic potential. We promote courageous exploration, self-awareness, and cultural fluency through a collaborative approach that allows each student to discover their unique, creative voice.  With our arts complex that now includes the Ann and George Colony Hall, as well as the Paul Mellon Arts Center, we are well equipped to support student growth within the arts in inspiring ways.

Kalya Yannatos, Director of the Arts and Department Head


Sample Courses

Dance Composition

Open to all students, this course is an intensive laboratory in which students work cooperatively as both choreographer and dancer to experiment with diverse compositional practices from contemporary dance. Video viewing, discussion, reading, and writing assignments complement daily creation activities. Each class consists of experimentation, individual and group studio research, presentation, and discussion.

Music Production

Students are introduced to the fundamentals in theory and practice of contemporary music production, with emphasis on modern recording studio practices. The course teaches students how to listen and think like a producer and to provide a working knowledge of the evolving music-related technologies in today’s culture and in the music business of tomorrow.

Visual Studies: Mixed Media

This course addresses the fundamentals of making art from conceptual development to technical skill development. Students explore a variety of 2-D and 3-D media gaining project-based technical skills to strengthen their visual literacy. In addition to projects using traditional media, students may also experiment spatially with installation and performance art.

Playwriting and Screenwriting

Through writing exercises and workshops of each other’s materials in class, students expand their screenwriting techniques and develop their individual voices as writers. In seminar, students discuss the screenwriting process— from the outline and treatment through the draft and the pitch.

Symphony Orchestra

The Symphony Orchestra, for advanced string, wind, brass and percussion players, performs symphonic masterworks from the Classic, Romantic, 20th and 21st centuries. The Orchestra performs at annual Choate concerts in the Paul Mellon Arts Center, as well as on tour. Past tours have taken the orchestra to 12 European countries, Asia, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, Yale University, and The White House.

2016 Dance Concert Highlights