Andrew Mellon Library

The Andrew Mellon Library is at the heart of teaching and learning. The Library's mission is to enhance Choate Rosemary Hall's academic environment and support the education of each of our students. The Library faculty collaborates with the classroom faculty to teach students information and technology literacy skills. Instruction is offered in research strategies, evaluation, and citing resources in a variety of flexible models.

There's no sense going to school unless your final destination is the library.
Ray Bradbury

The 21st century school library embodies the best digital resources to complement unique print information. The Mellon Library offers our community over 190,000 titles including 130,000 eBooks. Additionally, students and faculty have access to over 50 scholarly databases. Every effort is made to respond to the extracurricular interests of students.

The library has an absolute commitment to provide both contemplative and collaborative spaces for all users. A variety of spaces, including numerous group and individual study areas, are available to our students. Walking through the Mellon Library any day or evening confirms the program's vitality and the value students and faculty confer on their library.