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Global Engagement Program

Expand your horizons. 

Our Global Engagement Program helps create global understanding by offering students the chance to understand the interconnectedness of our world, taking a closer look at issues like access to education, healthcare, climate change, migration, and food security. Students turn knowledge into action through study abroad experiences, cultural events, volunteer opportunities, and a culminating independent project. 

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Benefits of studying abroad for a term with Choate

  • Enables students to improve their foreign language skills;
  • Builds independence and self-reliance by asking students to advocate for themselves using the in-country support systems offered to them;
  • Fosters resourcefulness and adaptability by exposing students to new ways of living and thinking;
  • Encourages students to reflect on their own life experiences through the lens of the culture and attitudes of the host country; and
  • Fulfills the contemporary global studies graduation requirement.

Above all, Study Abroad offers a unique personal growth opportunity for the development of curiosity, creativity, and an appetite for adventure both at home and abroad.