Term Abroad

Choate’s Study Abroad programs broaden students’ geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural knowledge while maintaining Choate’s high academic standards and emphasis on character and skills development. Our term programs in China, France, Italy, Jordan, and Spain extend a rare invitation for students to immerse themselves in language, daily routines, and cultural habits of another country for an extended period of time.

Study Abroad:

  • enables students to improve their foreign language skills;
  • build independence and self-reliance by asking students to advocate for themselves using the in-country support systems offered to them;
  • foster resourcefulness and adaptability by exposing students to new ways of living and thinking;
  • encourage students reflect on American life through the lens of the culture and attitudes of the host country; and
  • fulfill the contemporary global studies graduation requirement.


Above all, Study Abroad offers a unique personal growth opportunity for the development of curiosity, creativity, and an appetite for adventure both at home and abroad.


Academic Term Abroad

Study in China

A term in Beijing, China immerses students in Chinese culture while dramatically improving proficiency in three modes of communication skills: interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. Students live with host families for their entire stay in China. Home-stay experiences allow students to become part of a Chinese family and learn Chinese culture first-hand. Travel while in China includes weekend field trips from Beijing to the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. Over a long weekend, there is a trip to Xi’an and/or Shanghai.

Study in France

A term in Paris immerses students in the study of the history, art, language, and culture of France. All classes are taught in the target language by native-French speakers. Students complement their academic immersion by living with host families, and experience that ensures students are exposed to French language and culture throughout their stay. In addition to their course work, each student carries out an independent research project. Visits to museums, cultural landmarks, and monuments enhance and reinforce classroom work. Excursions outside of Paris offer students different perspectives as well.

Study in Italy

Choate students interested in classical studies have a unique opportunity to student at St. Stephen’s School in Rome, Italy. Located in the heart of the city, St. Stephen’s offers rigorous academic program taught in English. Of particular interest to Choate students of the classical languages, this program offers the chance to pursue their studies in one of the premier historical centers of Western civilization.

Study in Jordan

Arabic language students, or students interested in taking the Arabic language, have the opportunity to student aboard for a term as part of the Arabic Year programs at King’s Academy at Madaba, Jordan. Founded in 2007, King’s Academy is a co-educational boarding school enrolling over 500 students and modeled after Deerfield Academy, King Abdullah II’s alma mater. Choate students enrolled in the program will take Arabic Literature in Translation, Modern Middle East, math and science offerings in English in addition to Arabic language.

Study in Spain

A term in northwestern coastal city of La Coruña, Spain exposes students to Spanish history, art, language, literature, and culture. In this language immersion program, students live with Spanish families where they are able to put their language studies to immediate use. Classes offered at both the Honors and Advanced levels, are taught in the target language by native-Spanish speakers familiar with the challenges American students face when studying abroad.