Term Abroad

Choate’s Study Abroad programs broaden students’ geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural knowledge while maintaining Choate’s high academic standards and emphasis on character and skills development. Our term programs in China, France, Italy, Jordan, and Spain extend a rare invitation for students to immerse themselves in language, daily routines, and cultural habits of another country for an extended period of time.

Study Abroad:

  • enables students to improve their foreign language skills;
  • build independence and self-reliance by asking students to advocate for themselves using the in-country support systems offered to them;
  • foster resourcefulness and adaptability by exposing students to new ways of living and thinking;
  • encourage students reflect on American life through the lens of the culture and attitudes of the host country; and
  • fulfill the contemporary global studies graduation requirement.


Above all, Study Abroad offers a unique personal growth opportunity for the development of curiosity, creativity, and an appetite for adventure both at home and abroad.


Academic Term Abroad