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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to come to the TLC for help if I've been granted special academic accommodations?

Students who have been granted accommodations at Choate and who wish to meet individually with a faculty member at the TLC should schedule an appointment.  To do so, contact Nancy Matlack, Assistant to the Director of the TLC by email or by phone at (203) 697-2673, or drop by during the academic day.  Students are welcome to use the resources in the TLC when it is open during the academic day (no appointment is necessary for quiet study).

If I have a diagnosed disability, am I required to tell the school?

No. A disability diagnosis is confidential, personal information, but families are encouraged to share such information so that the student can be offered adequate and appropriate support.

If I am not receiving accommodations and wish to, what should I do?

The Documentation Guidelines we follow are those used by the College Board. At this site you will find general guidelines as well as links that provide more specific information regarding documentation of Learning Disabilities, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Physical Disabilities, and Psychiatric Disabilities. If a student would like to request special academic accommodations, documentation should be sent to Lauren Loughlin, the Assistant to the Director of Studies either by email or by calling (203) 697-2288. The Committee on Special Accommodations, chaired by the Director of Studies, will review the documentation and recommendations for accommodations.

Does the school provide testing for learning disabilities/ADHD?

Choate Rosemary Hall does not provide testing; however, the Director of Studies can provide a list of professionals and information regarding the school's procedures for granting special academic accommodations.

How can I receive accommodations (or check to see if I receive accommodations) on standardized tests e.g., PSATs, SATs, ACTs, etc.?

Contact Melanie Penasci, the school’s Testing Coordinator in the College Counseling Office by email or by phone at (203) 697-2461.

Do I need an appointment to come to the TLC for general academic help and support?

A student may drop in during the academic day for general academic help or support.  However, it is recommended that the student contact Nancy Matlack, Assistant to the Director of the TLC, by email or by phone at (203) 697-2673 to make an appointment.  When the TLC is open, students may use the various technology and resources that are available.  They may also use the TLC as a place for quiet study.

Does the school provide tutors for students?

No. Students should meet regularly with their teachers for extra help. Several departments do administer a peer-tutor program that can provide an additional layer of support. If interested in arranging for a peer-tutor, students should speak with their teacher. You may also contact:

  • For mathematics:  Dr. Matt Bardoe by email or by phone at (203) 697-2328
  • For science:  Ms. Jan Cook by email or by phone at (203) 697-2996
  • For foreign languages:  Mr. Georges Chahwan by email or by phone at (203) 697-2460

What will advisers/teachers/deans do if they suspect a student merits educational accommodations?

Faculty communicate concerns to the student’s form dean and/or to the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center. The form dean and Director of the TLC consult, and if they determine the concerns are valid, the student’s parents will be contacted.