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Teaching Faculty

Choate Rosemary Hall’s position at the forefront of secondary education is only made possible, and is further strengthened, by its inspired and inspiring faculty.

Choate faculty are dedicated professionals who truly love engaging and teaching our students. These dynamic educators are innovative, collaborative, and committed to our students' intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Our Approach

Eager, lifelong learners, Choate faculty actively engage in ongoing professional development designed to maximize student engagement and learning. This institutional approach to classroom and curricular innovation, pedagogy and technology fosters the best possible academic experience for both students and faculty.

Our approach to curriculum has been recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools for setting a tone for leadership and excellence in teaching and learning. 

With 90% of faculty living on campus they are able to foster working relationships with students beyond their classroom assignments—they are teachers, coaches, mentors, and counselors.

Beyond the Classroom 

Faculty members do more than teach. They are dorm parents, advisers, coaches, mentors, helpers, tutors, and so much more. Choate teachers help create a home during students’ transition into young adulthood. Teaching at a boarding school is a lifestyle decision. It extends beyond teaching in the classroom to coaching on the playing fields, directing in the theater, advising in our residential houses, and all the varied and informal ways in which adults and adolescents interact. 

Professional Development Snapshot

Faculty are offered opportunities to continually leverage their pedagogical practices and reimagine learning to empower adolescents in an ever-changing world. 

Teacher in Harkness class

Great teachers are great role models. Choate expects its faculty to embrace the ethos of a growth mindset throughout their careers by actively developing their abilities as teachers and mentors at a residential school. Choate has a robust program for faculty development, during the school year and in the summer.