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Technology In and Beyond the Classroom

Choate is where excellence and cutting-edge innovation combine, preparing our students to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. It’s through the intentional use of technology that students and teachers access advanced methods of learning and teaching, both in and out of the classroom. 

You won’t be tied to one program or device; at Choate, you’ll become adaptive and curious, ready to tackle the multitude of possibilities at your fingertips. With support in the forms of campus-wide hardware and software, Academic Technology and Information Technology staff, and teachers who are just as inquisitive and driven as you, we’ll evolve with you on your academic journey.

A Level and Dynamic Playing Field

student on ipad
Today’s digital natives expect more from their education: not just absorbing information, but engaging with it in creative, dynamic ways. All you really need is access to the right tools.

Providing all of our students and teachers iPads, Apple Pencils, and unparalleled digital access means we’re all on equal footing and ready to dive into opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and the chance to take our ideas to the next level. 

students engineering tabletop car

Learn & Play

At Choate, we see education and playfulness as two sides of the same coin. The i.d.Lab© is a perfect example—it’s a creative outlet, laboratory, and discovery space combined.

Soldering, computer programming, painting, sewing, fabrication—whether you’re working through an assignment or just looking to take on a creative project on your own, the i.d.Lab© gives you the space, materials, and guidance you need not just to learn, but to have fun.