Some of the most exciting developments on campus today combine our long heritage of excellence with cutting-edge innovation: a combination that equips our students for a rapidly changing world. We believe that technology tools operate in the service of excellent teaching and learning. Great teachers and students use technology to augment the learning process when it is appropriate.

Accordingly, in September 2012, we introduced our first one-to-one program using iPads. We embraced the tablet as a 21st century learning tool — one that would match the learning habits of students. All students now have an innovative, mobile, and media creation tool that can help to manage their academic work and personal lives, communicate creatively, and provide a spontaneous window on the world for the gathering of information.

Teachers now have the ability to more easily integrate technology that supports deep learning both in and out of the classroom by utilizing content resources and tools that increase student engagement with the subject matter and develop higher-order thinking skills.

The advantages of portability, instant-on, thousands of apps, and long battery life are making the iPad a much less intrusive and more practical tool than laptops or computer labs for most classroom activities. But by far the greatest advantage has been the iPad serving as a catalyst for discussion and deep thinking about teaching and learning. Those discussions are already yielding changes in teaching methodologies to be more closely aligned with contemporary student learning styles.

We continue to provide professional development to help faculty and staff better integrate the iPad into their teaching or other responsibilities. The Office of Academic Technology offers iPad workshops throughout the year and the week-long summer Technology and Learning Institute, designed to educate faculty regarding the appropriate use of technology in the classroom.

For the 2018-2019 school year, all students will have been provided an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Since the iPad does not replace the need for a computer, students are encouraged to bring a laptop to campus as well. Choate’s Information Technology Services Department provides technical support throughout the school year for all student iPads and laptops. All queries may be directed to User Services at (203) 697-2572 or infotech@choate.edu.

New students gain access to the Choate Students Portal in May, prior to their registration to Choate. Parents are emailed a password, which gives them access to the Parents Portal and their Student’s Information Account in mid-August.

All student dormitories, faculty residences, and academic buildings are wireless.