Tuition & Financial Aid FAQ

How does Choate know that a student is applying for financial aid?

Two ways. First, in your application check the box that asks if you intend to apply for financial aid. Second, complete the Parents' Financial Statement after November 1.

How is financial aid eligibility determined?

A family's eligibility for financial assistance is determined through careful and thorough analysis of the information provided on the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) coupled with information provided from a copy of a family's federal tax returns. SSS and Choate financial aid methodology will provide Choate with a dollar figure of a family's discretionary income derived from our review. Choate will then consider a portion of a family's discretionary income to be available for private education tuition and related fees.

Does applying for aid affect my chances for admission?

All applications are initially reviewed without regard to their financial aid status, but there are instances when the overall financial need of the applicant pool exceeds our financial aid budget. Accordingly, financial need, in addition to a range of other factors, may influence our admission decisions.

When are students and families notified of financial aid decisions?

Financial aid decisions are available online beginning March 10 at the same time as admission decisions.

If our child is offered admission with a financial aid grant in year one, can we expect to receive a similar grant in future years?

Families of currently-enrolled Choate students must go through the financial aid application process each year and submit paperwork just as they do during the initial process. Given that a family's financial picture remains relatively the same from year to year, a family can expect to have a similar financial outlay tuition and related fees each year. The Financial Aid Office will perform a full analysis each year to determine eligibility for continued assistance.

We are currently not planning on applying for financial aid, yet this could change if our financial situation changes. What do you recommend we do?

If you are currently not in need of financial aid and you do not foresee this need, you should not apply for it, but you will not be eligible for any future grants unless there is a materially adverse change to your circumstances, such as a job loss or an additional child entering a tuition charging school. If a change in your family’s financial circumstances occurs at any time within the admission process or financial aid cycle resulting in a need to apply for financial assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office immediately.

Are other costs beyond tuition and related fees taken into consideration when determining the amount of financial aid a family may receive?

Yes. We will take into account the total cost of attending Choate when determining a financial aid grant. This total cost typically includes books and academic supplies, travel to and from campus, laundry (for boarding students) and other costs related to a student's Choate experience.

Does my family qualify for a fee waiver?


Families inquiring about a fee waiver for the Admission Application or the Secondary School Admission Test should contact the Admission Office by email or by calling (203) 697-2239. The Parent Financial Statement automatically determines fee waiver eligibility.

If my child is offered admission with a financial aid grant, will the school meet 100% of our demonstrated financial need?

Yes. We offer funding at 100% of a family's demonstrated need.

How do families who live outside of the United States (international families) apply for Financial Aid?

Families who live outside of the United States and who do not file a United States income tax return (Form 1040) are asked to complete a PFS and to do so by using the United States dollar equivalent. Such families are also asked to complete and submit to SSS the International Student Financial Aid Profile and a copy of their most recent federal income tax return, official signed statement from an employer which details annual income, or wage statements.

Does Choate offer financial support for non-tuition related expenses?

Students with exceptionally high levels of demonstrated need receive additional financial assistance with the cost of books, travel, and the other school-related needs.

All students, regardless of whether they receive financial aid, are eligible to apply for support from The Beyond the Classroom Fund. The purpose of this fund is to support a student’s full participation in the Choate experience.

To ease the financial burden of a student's participation in distinct, valuable opportunities that are associated with, and enhance, the student's academic, athletic and extracurricular involvements, a student may apply to this fund to cover non-tuition associated costs.

At the discretion of the Dean of Students, the fund may also be used to provide financial support to a student facing emergency circumstances.

In the case of divorce/separation, are both birth parents required to submit financial aid information?

As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, we endorse its recommendation that both birth parents have an obligation to contribute to the education of their children to the extent they are able.

Should I submit copies of my income tax documents to SSS or mail them directly to the School?

We require families to submit income tax return copies (along with copies of any additional documents) directly to SSS. The most efficient method of doing so is by direct upload of your documents to your PFS. View more information about this secure process on the SSS website.

Are there specific financial aid grants potentially available to my child?

While all aid at Choate is based upon a family’s demonstrated financial need, most students are matched with a unique endowed fund. Endowed funds are gifts to the School, made by alumni, parents, and friends which are an investment in the talent, aspirations, and education of our students. Whether out of gratitude for the assistance provided to them as students or parents, as a way of remembering loved ones, or simply to assist promising students in reaching their goals, their support of the School’s financial aid program is invaluable.

Students who apply to Choate and whose families qualify to receive need-based aid are automatically considered for one of the many endowed fund awards offered each year.

Does Choate offer merit scholarships?

Choate's financial aid grants are based upon a family's demonstrated financial need as determined by our financial aid analysis.

Are loans available?

Choate does not offer a loan program.