Financial Aid Profiler

The code to update the data in the calculator below lives on the network drive in the following location: smb://socrates/Communications/workarea/Web/Code/Financial Aid Profiler/src/choate-fa-estimator.js

Instructions to update the Profiler data:

(Ask Admission/Financial Aid to provide the updated spreadsheet each year.)

Note that the JS file is linked in a hidden Content Element at the bottom of this page, but you won't have to update that element. 

  • After updating the JS file noted above...
  • Re-upload the JS the following location in the File Manager: /uploaded/code/estimator/
  • That's it!

This data is based on financial aid grants offered for the 2020-21 school year, and will enable you to see the range of financial contributions Choate families made with a similar profile to yours.

Select the applicable options and click "Estimate" to see your results:

Step 1: Income

Select your taxable household income.

Step 2: Children in Tuition-Charging Schools

Indicate the number of children in your household that attend tuition-charging schools (TCS).

Please Note:

This profiler is only a representation of possible scenarios. Your circumstances, such as the cost of living, assets, and other factors not taken into account here, may materially alter your eligibility for, and size of, any financial grant.