The Murata US-Japan Scholars Program


アメリカコネチカット州チョートローズマリーホール校卒業生、現在東京在住の村田貴士さんによって設立されたThe Murata US-Japan Scholars Program(村田日米奨学金)は、才能豊かな日本人生徒のためにあります。同校の夏期プログラムや通年生としての学費を給与するものです。2015年夏には、東京の開成学園や成蹊中学高等学校などからの生徒らがこの奨学金を受け取り、サマープログラムに参加しました。奨学金対象者は、チョートローズマリーホール校への通常入学申し込み手続きを通して選ばれます。現在日本に在住し日本の学校に通っていること、成績優秀で特に英語での発言力、文章力に優れていることが条件になります。日本の生徒の方は、入学願書とその際の必要書類を提出することで、この奨学金の申し込みを兼ねることになりますので他の特別な申請書類はありません。ご質問などはmuratajapan@choate.edu. でお受けしております。この際の質問などはすべて英語にてお願いします。

Murata Scholars at Summer Programs 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

academic year (September-May) study at Choate

What is included in the Murata Scholarship for full academic year (September to May) study at Choate Rosemary Hall?

The Murata Scholarship includes tuition, room and board, health insurance, books, and an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Families are responsible for covering the cost of travel expenses and spending allowances. Additional costs, such as music lessons and test preparation are also the family's responsibility.

What is the application deadline and decision timeline for the Murata Scholarship for the academic year?

Students interested in the Murata Scholarship must submit their complete admission applications, including standardized testing, to Choate through the Gateway to Prep Schools website by January 15. All admission decisions will be released on March 10. Applicants who are Japanese citizens and currently attending school in Japan will automatically be considered for this scholarship.

Does the Murata Scholarship apply only to students from certain schools in Japan?

While Choate has standing relationships with a couple of schools, any student from Japan is eligible to apply to Choate and to be considered for the Murata Scholarship. Preference is given to students who attend Japanese schools and may not have had the opportunity to live or study abroad (Choate Summer Programs not withstanding).

How competitive are the Murata scholarships?

Typically we receive dozens of applications from Japan and are able to offer funds to only two to five of these students each academic year.

Is there a minimum TOEFL score required for applicants to Choate who are not native speakers of English?

Most students who are competitive for admission have earned 100 or better on the TOEFL iBT or 7 or better on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Choate does not offer ESL classes to any of our academic year students.

Does an applicant for the Murata Scholarship for the full academic year (September to May) need to have attended Choate Summer Programs prior to applying?

Although it is not required, it is recommended that students interested in the academic year Murata Scholarship consider participation in Choate Summer Programs prior to applying for the full school year. We encourage students from Japan to attend Choate Summer Programs so that they are familiar with our environment when they apply to Choate’s year-round school.

Are students from Japan required to apply through another organization in Japan?

No, students may apply directly to Choate through the Gateway to Prep Schools websites.

If I am a One-Year Visiting Murata Scholar from a Japanese partner school and wish to continue at Choate beyond the currently funded academic year, what should I do?

To be considered for continued enrollment at Choate, current Murata Scholars must complete and submit a new application, including Parent/Guardian Statement, through the Gateway to Prep Schools websites by January 15. Complete applications, including Choate grades, new standardized test scores, and faculty evaluations, will be carefully considered in the context of the current admission cycle’s applicant pool. Current Visiting Murata Scholars must also complete and submit financial aid applications)j by January 15.

I am very interested in Choate, but am not sure I could enroll without a Murata Scholarship. Should I still apply?

Yes, you should complete both the admission and financial aid applications. The International Student Financial Aid Profile, along with your family’s tax returns or wage statements, must be submitted to School and Student Services (SSS) by January 15th. Although the competition for admission is keen, Choate has a robust financial aid budget and will meet the full demonstrated need of all admitted students.

Summer study at choate

What is the timeline for Murata Scholar admission decisions in Choate Summer Programs?

Students who wish to be considered for a Murata Scholarship for Summer Programs must have submitted their completed applications by March 15. All application materials are required before the application will be reviewed.

How competitive are the Murata scholarships?

Typically we receive dozens of applications from Japan and each summer we have anywhere from 5 to 15 Murata Scholars in our Summer Programs.

Is the Murata Scholarship for summer applicable to all programs offered by Choate Summer Programs?

The Murata Scholarship for summer is applicable to all programs except the English Language Institute.

What is included in the Murata Scholarship for Summer Programs at Choate Rosemary Hall?

The Summer Programs Murata Scholarship covers the Summer Programs fee, which includes tuition, room and board, and books. It does not include health insurance, an iPad, travel, school supplies or standardized test preparation courses.