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Alumni Association


To create, perpetuate, and enhance relationships among Choate Rosemary Hall alumni, current and prospective students, faculty, staff, and friends in order to foster loyalty, interest, and support for the School and for one another, and to build pride, spirit, and community.

As an alum, you’re already a member of the Choate Rosemary Hall Alumni Association, now more than 17,000 strong. We encourage you to engage with the Alumni Association by attending our events held around the world (as well as online!), following our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; volunteering; and even career networking. 

Engaged members of the Alumni Association work closely with the School’s Alumni Relations Office to provide you with opportunities of interest both socially and professionally. We have 14 active Regional Clubs - seven in the U.S. and six in countries around the world - as well as a special affiliation Club for Rosemary Hall Alumnae.

Led by dedicated alumni passionate about their School, their fellow alumni, and the greater Choate community, the Alumni Association meets twice a year on campus: once in the fall and once on in the spring.

Alumni Association ByLaws

2020-21 Alumni Association Officers

  • David Hang '94 - President
  • Elizabeth Alford Hogan '82 - Vice President, Chair of the 1890 Society
  • John Smyth '83 - Vice President, Chair of the Annual Fund
  • Parisa Jaffer '89 - Past President, 2017-19

To contact any of the officers, please email

2020-21 Alumni Association Executive Committee:

  • Susan St. John Amorello '84 
  • Melissa Barrett '88 
  • T.C. Chau '97 
  • Jaques Clariond '01
  • John Glanville '73 
  • Dewey Kang '03
  • Jack Kingsley '87
  • Lambert Lau '97 
  • Shanti Mathew '05
  • Alexandra G. Smith '09 
  • Jessy Trejo '02 

Connect and Engage

Did you know the Alumni Association offers alumni a myriad of benefits and opportunities that extend far beyond Reunion Weekend?