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Student Theater Production Goes Virtual

Student Theater Production Goes Virtual

What happens to theatre in a time when people cannot gather? A group of innovative Choate students and faculty met this challenge with the help of cutting-edge technology and plenty of flexibility. Take-Away, written by Ethan Bardoe '21, Maxwell Brown '21, Eliza Marovitz '21, Audrey Lim '23, and Acting and English Teacher Kate Doak, premiered on February 5.

With a cast of 19 students, the play was designed to allow any student, learning on campus or remotely, to participate. The playwrights began a program on collaborative writing over the summer. They had planned to film much of the play upon returning to campus, but continued safety measures meant the students would need to pivot once again. Instead of filming together outside, each student actor was assigned a room in the PMAC complete with audio and video recording technology and a green screen.

Through its many iterations and adjustments, the student writers and actors rose to the occasion, adjusting their expectations and overcoming roadblocks. At a time when professional theatre groups struggle to find their niche, Choate students persevered to create a funny, inventive, accessible piece of art.

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