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Community Profile: McCullough Shriver '09

Community Profile: McCullough Shriver '09

What drew you to Choate?
When I first toured Choate's campus, there was an excitement and energy that could be felt from the students and faculty. It drew you in and left you inspired to be around such individuals. The sense of history and tradition that could be felt throughout the campus made it clear this was a special place, where generations of students had come to learn and grow. 

What is most memorable about your Choate experience? 
What truly stood out to me was the experience of living in Edsall dormitory. The open and friendly atmosphere in the dorm allowed for meaningful conversations with my classmates about the lessons we were learning in the classroom and in life. This created a space where lasting friendships were formed, and we were able to learn from one another.

What stands out to you about the Choate community?
What stood out to me most about Choate was the school's dedication to excellence. The diverse talents and abilities of the students and faculty were constantly on display through performances, sports, and in the classroom, creating an atmosphere where everyone was encouraged to strive for excellence. 

Tell us a “small world” Choate story. 
A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my old Choate quarterback, whom I hadn't seen in over a decade. We spent the evening reminiscing about our time at school and catching up on what we had been up to since then. It became clear to me that our time at Choate had been a significant turning point in shaping the direction of our lives. 

You founded an athletic-wear company called Sweetflexx. Tell us a little about your professional experiences, and how you arrived in this line of work.
During my junior year of college, I had a frustrating experience when I met with a career center counselor. They quickly scanned my grades and background, and within minutes, dismissed the internships I had listed as unattainable for me. I used this moment as motivation to pave my own path. I began to build a relationship with my college's alumni office and networked through them. Through this experience, I found my passion to start my own business. 

You have joined ChoateNexus powered by People Grove and taken part in the business directory. How do you envision this tool connecting your business with your fellow alumni? What does the power of the Choate Network mean to you? 
I am eager to connect with other alumni who share my interest in entrepreneurship, particularly those who may be at the beginning stages of exploring this path. I also look forward to meeting alumni who have already achieved success in this field and learning from their experiences. The Choate alumni network has already been incredibly valuable to me, as it was through the encouragement and support of friends I met at a Choate startup event that I felt emboldened to pursue my dream of starting my own business. 

What is a favorite local destination for you? 
Portland, Maine, specifically Casco Bay, is a true gem. The Crown Jewel restaurant is one of the many highlights of the city's culinary scene, and it is a personal favorite of mine.

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