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Arts Philosophy

Our mission is to nurture the creativity inherent in all. We promote courageous exploration, self-awareness, and cultural fluency through a collaborative approach that allows each student to discover their unique creative voice. We believe that all students must have the opportunity to discover a clear understanding of how the arts impact their life in a personal, social, economic, and cultural context. We believe that the arts engage the whole person – the intellect, heart, and the body. The arts allow for essential connections – to the individual, community, and the world.


The dance program offers a supportive and inclusive environment for students to develop an awareness of alignment, strength, flexibility, and coordination of body and mind. Program courses focus on broadening technique, developing a complex understanding of movement, and enhancing performance artistry. Works choreographed by students and faculty are featured in annual dance concerts.

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The music program at Choate nurtures your talents and passions as a musician. With courses ranging from theory to production and performance, the engaging curriculum allows you to explore your curiosities. The music program offers over six ensembles that perform concerts and recitals each term.

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With a wide variety of classes and several performances each academic year, students are challenged, valued, and supported by dedicated faculty who share their passion for theater and the arts. The program explores beyond the boundaries of what theater can offer an audience, resulting in a rich performance of storytelling that uplifts every participant. 

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Visual Arts

Students develop a creative process and expand their visual literacy in the visual arts program. Various mediums are explored for students to discover a passion for a more dedicated study. Faculty members create monthly collaboration projects that provide classes an opportunity for participation and engagement. Students also connect with peers by sharing interesting and inspiring works of art during biweekly Arts Concentration meetings.

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There are many venues for the arts at Choate Rosemary Hall. From state-of-the-art halls to theaters to dance and craft studios, you will find your new creative home here. 

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