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All tickets are $15 unless noted otherwise.
Choate Rosemary Hall is pleased to offer all tickets at a reduced cost to promote art & community in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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Colony Hall auditorium

Taiwanese-American bassist Yung-chiao Wei made her Carnegie Hall debut in 2003. Her performance garnered tremendous praise from New York Concert Review, Inc. critic Anthony Aibel, affirming that "nuance on the double bass is hard to accomplish, but Wei plays with subtlety of dynamics, color and expression one seldom, if ever, hears on the bass."

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Colony Hall auditorium

Beautifully blended harmonies and rich vocal talent take the stage for an unforgettable a capella performance. This contemporary international group is formed by six self-described "jazz vocal nerds" representing five different countries. Enjoy an evening of new sounds, textures, and balanced arrangement in a contemporary jazz and pop vocal concert.

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Adults $20
Students (non-Choate) $10

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