Arts Fest

Graphic by Audrey Kaye '22

As we emerge from the isolating effects the pandemic has had on us all and stand up to the pandemic of systemic racism, we draw on UNITY from commUNITY by producing art that exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and care for each other. With this Arts Festival, we honor the diversity of identities here at Choate. With this Arts Festival, we celebrate the beauty inherent in each member of this community. With this Arts Festival, we hope that everyone within this community feels seen, heard, and knows that they belong.

Inspired by poet Kwame Alexander's crowd sourced line poem (recently heard on NPR) formed in response to Anti-Asian Racism, we invite you to respond to this moment by adding your voice to a Choate community poem. Launching off the word "Today..." or, "I am...", please share a line or more (by May 21), so your words can be woven into a larger poem and shared publicly on May 22 in our commUNITY moment at Arts Fest.


This Arts Festival is made possible thanks to the generous support of the School, the Communications Department and most importantly, the Students who are bringing it to life with their creative energy and expression. 

Particular thanks to the Arts Fest commUNITY committee: Joy An’23, Max Brown’21, Sabrina Carlier ’21, Cristian Castro’22, Abby Lu’22 and Ava Maha’23. Thanks to Audrey Kaye’22 for the festival logo. 

Enormous gratitude goes out to Dr. Miriam Cohen for ensuring the safety of the school community and her specific support of Arts Fest.

Extra special thanks to Kelly Lorraine, Carol Jones, Mark Gostomski, Paul Bozzi and all Arts Faculty for their tireless work to make this festival possible.