Girls' Varsity Hockey team partners with the Headway Foundation

For the second consecutive year, the Girls' Varsity Hockey team has partnered with the Headway Foundation for Concussion Awareness Week, January 28th through February 3rd.

Co-founded by Women's Hockey Olympian and Choate alumna, Josephine Pucci '09, the Headway Foundation is a non-profit organization, which "aims to promote a safer sports culture, provide resources for patients, and enhance concussion evaluation protocols and accessibility."In order to spread concussion awareness on campus, the Girls' Hockey team has volunteered as ambassadors for Headway, and have each made the pact to be a 'New Tough' athlete. This pact challenges athletes to handle concussions properly, and to help redefine the culture of sports and the traditional toughness required. These athletes have joined Headway in the commitment to promote a safer sports culture, and in supporting injured teammates during recovery.

Last Saturday, the Girls' Varsity Hockey team wore Headway stickers on their helmets for their game against Millbrook School. They will be wearing these stickers for this week's game. Read more about Headway's New Tough and see other New Tough athletes.

Other Choate alumni involved in the research and treatment of traumatic brain injury and concussion awareness include Tim Fleiszer '94 and Jay Waller '91. Fleiszer is a former Canadian football league player and Executive Director of the Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada. Waller was featured in Going the Distance, a documentary on survivors of traumatic brain injury. He is a Connecticut-based physical therapist specializing in brain injury and concussion.