Choosing & Using Computers



Students use laptop computers, iPads, and cellular phones to improve communications, to obtain easier access to information, and to supplement a teaching and learning process centered on close personal interaction. We emphasize the appropriate use of mobile technology This means that we do not use technology for its own sake; we teach our students to use technology in a manner consistent with the guidelines of personal conduct outlined in the Student Handbook as well as within the School’s Statement of Expectations.


Nearly all of our boarding students bring laptop computers and a cellular phone to school. Although not a requirement, students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer.

iPad Program

The School provides an iPad to all students. Apple supplies some basic Apps and addition, Choate provides all students with Apps upon their arrival.


Many students decide to purchase a computer for their time at Choate. For all classes, the School uses the Apple platform. We recommend bringing an Apple Macintosh laptop.

All students will be required to have their computers registered with the Choate Network. Students install software to identify the computer, anti-virus protection, and a version of Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, students receive access to Dropbox and Google Apps with new accounts associated with their address. While not required, it is strongly recommended that the operating system default language is English.

Day students are required to bring their iPad to school.

Smart Phones

Smart phones that also access wireless networks can be registered with ITS. Use of cellular or smart phones is restricted to certain locations and times. All rules that pertain to the use of a laptop also apply to phones.

Unsupported or Restricted Hardware

The following devices are prohibited:
  • Any network equipment including hubs, routers, and switches,
  • Any Ethernet device, other than a computer, including gaming devices,
  • Wireless access points not owned by Choate. The School does not support wireless inkjet printers.

    Smart devices (such as echo dot, smart lightbulbs, SONOS systems) require permission from Dean of Students. In general, these devices are privileges awarded to upperclassman.


We use the Microsoft Office 365 suite of productivity applications and Google Suite. We provide a copy of the software to all students as part of their technology fee. Student multi-function printers are available across campus. Some students bring their own printers for convenience.

Our email system is called Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange). It is part of Microsoft Office and provided to all students. Most students access their email through our internal portal on the Choate website.

Facilities and Support

Student computing facilities are located in many academic buildings. Wireless access is available throughout campus and in all dormitories.

The Information Technology User Services Help Desk is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Students are welcome to call us at (203) 697-2572, send us an email (, or come to our Brownell location.