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A place where students and teachers learn from each other

This is where you find meaning. 

With fellow students, teachers, friends, and neighbors all connected by our commitment to growth—personal, intellectual, social, and spiritual. The years you spend here will see you change, develop, and grow in many ways, possibly more than you ever have before. And we’re all here to make it fun, challenging, rewarding, and meaningful. And through that, you can discover more about yourself.

The Choate community is enhanced by individual perspectives, but our experiences are woven together by common goals and a determination to strive toward something better. Through the power of an open mind, our worlds become bigger, and we discover what’s beyond our own horizons.

Mutual respect, a passion for learning, and a spirit of supporting and challenging one another: that is the heart of the Choate community. Because we’re all here building this community together.

“The more we all get to know one another, the more that foundational trust is established in our everyday interactions and the culture of the school.”

—Dr. Rachel Myers

Listen: Voices of Choate Podcast

Explore Choate life through personal stories. Voices of Choate, the podcast hosted by Amy Sun, shares unscripted, in-depth perspectives on authentic Choate experiences. Every episode features a community member sharing their unique story.