Life at Choate

Residential Life

Two interwoven priorities define the Choate experience: a rigorous academic curriculum and an emphasis on the formation of character in a setting that allows teachers and students to live with and learn from each other. The values inherent in living with other students and adults are every bit as important as the lessons taught in the classroom. Through the boarding experience students learn how to live as responsible members of the community: respecting their fellow students and adults; treating the physical environment with care; recognizing the safety of the entire community, learning sensitivity to differences; and embracing the values of Choate Rosemary Hall.

Choate has a variety of residences to choose from: large, dynamic dormitories, to small close-knit houses. Each of the houses has one or more faculty members (and their families!) living with, and serving as advisers to our students. Older students serve as prefects to counsel and guide younger students throughout their experience.

Day Student Life

Day student life capitalizes upon the rigorous academic experience Choate offers, is augmented by robust student life opportunities that transcend into evening and weekends, yet balanced by the comforts of home. While day students live at home and commute to our campus, they are active and fully engaged members of the Choate community. Commitments to clubs, activities, teams, and academic pursuits encourage day students to explore life on campus to the fullest extent – just like their boarding peers. Day students are welcome to join the boarding community for all meals, to remain on campus until curfew, and to participate in all weekend activities, even to be hosted for weekend overnights on campus. Most day students would agree that it is hard to call it a day and head towards home. In fact, many would say they spend more time on campus than at home, and that they are just as comfortable here as they are in their own living room.

It’s the Little Things

Students at Choate are very busy and sometimes, it’s the little things that make campus feel like home away from home. Whether you are a day student or a boarder, you might appreciate some of the little things Choate advisers, teachers, coaches, and mentors think of:

A Sweet Reprieve – Day and Boarding advisers often share baked goods, ice cream, or other treats with their students. In the residential houses, we call these snack breaks “Mug Nights”. Day students might just call them “yummy”!

Handshake Check- In – At the end of a long day, look forward to a moment with a house adviser before lights out.

To and From – Sometimes getting home, or back to school, can be a challenge. Our Student Activities team will help with planes, trains, and automobiles to get you where you are going.