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First-Time User Login Instructions

After selecting the Login button, you will be prompted to enter your Choate email address and select Next. Enter your password and then select Sign in.


Select Next and choose your on-campus cell phone as your primary verification method and select Set it up now.

  • Enter the country and phone number of your cell phone.
  • Select Text Me or Call Me to verify your phone.
    • If you choose the Call Me option, you will be asked to select # to verify your phone.
    • If you choose the Text Me option, you will enter the verification code that was texted to your phone and select Verify.


  • When your phone is verified, it will show as a green check mark next to your phone number.
  • Please add another verification option and select Finish.

You will now be able to log into the Choate portal, Office 365 and your Choate Google account. 

Changing Your Choate Password

Forgot Password or Reset Password

From any Microsoft login screen you can select Forgot Password. Microsoft will prompt you depending on the setting you established in the previous section.

You can manually change your password (links to an external site) or you can select the Forgot/Reset Password link located below the login button from the main portal page.

Please Note: Before a change can be made, you need to provide Microsoft with your identity verification information.


Your Choate credentials are provided through Microsoft 365. Your password is associated with your Choate account and is used by several systems. When a password is enabled for multiple systems, the process is called Single Sign On, or SSO for short. If there is an option to use SSO on any system, always choose the SSO option.

Your password needs to conform to complexity rules. 


Username: aspeyer2022
Password: ”A sentence makes a great password. Spaces are allowed.”No part of your username can be part of your password.

Passwords must contain at least one character from three out of these four groups AND be a minimum of 10 characters long:

  • Lower case letter: a, b, c, … y, z 
  • Uppercase letter: A, B, C, … Y, Z
  • Number: 0, 1, … 8, 9. 
  • Character: ! @ # $ , . / ? ( ) * & ^ % [ ] … 

Note: Your password is confidential and is not to be shared.