Music Lesson Information

Students who wish to take lessons at Choate Rosemary Hall must fill out a Music Lesson Contract.

Music lessons are scheduled in free periods during the academic class day. Lessons are automatically scheduled each term for the entire year as indicated on the Music Lesson Contract.

If you do not see your instrument listed, please contact the Music Lesson Coordinator, Carol Jones: (203) 697-2035 or


  • Eight 35-minute lessons: $410 per term
  • Eight 70-minute lessons: $820 per term
  • Sixteen 35-minute lessons: $820 per term


Students are responsible for obtaining an instrument for their lesson, with the exception of piano, harpsichord, organ, voice, and some percussion instruments. Please contact the Music Lesson Program Coordinator if you need information regarding rental instruments. (Choate Rosemary Hall does not rent music instruments. We will be happy to put you in touch with local companies that can assist you in obtaining a rental instrument for your child. Contracts signed with those companies are the sole responsibility of the parent and student).

Students have 48-hours before their third scheduled lesson in which to change teachers, instrument, or discontinue lessons. This must be done with the Music Lesson Program Coordinator in writing. Failure to do so will result in the student being charged for all scheduled lessons that term. When a student requests to drop or make a change to their lesson, an email notification from the Music Lesson Program Coordinator will be sent home to the email address provided on the contract. In order for students to reinstate their lessons, the Music Lesson Program Coordinator must receive written confirmation from the parent granting permission.

Lessons do not receive credit or satisfy the arts and diploma requirements. However, students enrolled in MU480 (Symphony Orchestra) or MU420 (Chamber Chorus) must enroll either in eight 70-minute lesson or in sixteen 35-minute music lessons for every term they are enrolled in either of these courses. Students newly enrolled in MU480 should seek guidance from Mr. Philip Ventre and students newly enrolled in MU420 should seek guidance from Ms. Alysoun Kegel before registering for lessons.

Below is the absentee policy for the Music Lesson Program at Choate Rosemary Hall. Please read this carefully and go over it with your student.

Attendance Policy

  • If a student is in the health center, at home, or has a school-authorized conflict, but does not give their teacher 24 hrs advance notice that a lesson will be missed, the student will be charged for the lesson. The teacher has the option to schedule a makeup (no charge) at their discretion, but they are under no obligation to do so. The teacher should write "late notification" or "no notification" in the "notes" section on the attendance.
  • If a student is in the health center, home, or has a school-authorized conflict, and does give the teacher and the Music Lessons Coordinator 24-hour notice, then the student must still be marked absent, but will not be charged. The student and teacher should make an attempt to schedule a make-up lesson, which will be charged. The teacher should write the reason for the absence as well as “24-hrs advance notification” in the notes section on the attendance.
  • If a student does give the teacher and the Music Lesson Coordinator 24-hour advance notice of an absence but the reason for the absence is not authorized or excused by the school, then the student must be marked absent, will be charged for the lesson, and will not receive a makeup lesson.
  • If the teacher must cancel a lesson for any reason, the student, the Music Lesson Coordinator, and the Head of the Music Program should be notified immediately; and the lesson should be rescheduled as soon as possible.
  • If the teacher is running late for a lesson, the teacher should do their best to try and contact the student and the Music Lesson Coordinator. If the teacher is more than 10 minutes late, the teacher should not charge and a make-up lesson should be scheduled. An explanation will be provided in the “notes” section of the attendance. A teacher may be late due to traffic, construction, accidents or other situations beyond their control.
  • If a student is more than 10 minutes late the student should be marked absent and charged. The teacher should write “more than 10 minutes late; no notification” in the notes section of the attendance. A student may be late due to a conference or scheduled meeting with a dean, adviser, or other teacher. Students should request a note from that individual in order to be excused.

Note: President’s Day: on a day of his choosing, the Head of School declares “President’s Day” which is a day when classes do not meet. Rehearsals, athletic practices and games, and private music lessons, however, meet as scheduled.

Performance Opportunities

  • All students have the opportunity to perform in the instrumental or the voice/piano/organ recital each term. Email notification is sent out to all Music Lesson Students when the online registration form is available. Students are expected to work with their teachers to choose appropriate repertoire and ensure the student's readiness to achieve a musically fulfilling performance and experience.
  • The Music Lesson Faculty perform a concert for the community each year to raise money for the Music Lesson Scholarship Fund. This is also a great opportunity for students to see their teachers' talent and professionalism at work.


Financial Aid for music lessons is available in a prioritized, tiered system to students who express a need for support. Students who qualify for financial aid will be given first priority. All other requests will be considered on a case by case bases if funds are available. Coverage at all tiers is proportionate to the level of financial aid received for tuition. The tier system works as follows:

  1. Aid will first be provided to students for whom 70-minutes of weekly lesson time per term is required: Arts Concentration musicians and members of Symphony Orchestra or Chamber Chorus.
  2. Next, students who participate in a formal Choate ensemble and are thus encouraged to take private lessons, will be supported for either a 35- or 70-minute weekly lesson per term, to be determined by the ensemble director in coordination with the Director of Financial Aid.
  3. Lastly, students who express a sincere interest, but are not engaged in a formal Choate ensemble, may receive support for a weekly 35-minute lesson, if funds are available. Within this tier, priority will be based on seniority and pre-existing participation.

For further information regarding financial aid for Music Lessons, please contact Matthew McDonald, Director of Financial Aid Office (203) 697-2239.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Music Lesson Program Coordinator

Carol Jones (203) 697-2035

Music Program Heads

Alysoun Kegel (Voice and Keyboard Instruments) (203) 697-2371
Philip Ventre (All Other Instruments) (203) 697-2426

Music Lesson Contract