Academic Technologist

Reporting to the Director of Academic Technology, the Academic Technologist is primarily responsible for providing support to faculty in the use of technology as an integral tool for improving teaching and learning. In collaboration with the Academic Technology Team, this position works closely with faculty in identifying and developing ways in which technology can enhance the delivery of instruction, support student-centered pedagogy, and diversify student demonstration of knowledge. The successful candidate will be well versed in multiple modes of professional development delivery ranging from personalized interaction to scheduled workshops to online resources. The Academic Technologist will also be available both by appointment and on demand to help faculty experiment with new lessons and technology tools or troubleshooting classroom technology. Central to this position is the ability to help faculty feel comfortable with the use of academic technology.

The Academic Technologist is a full time, year round, benefits eligible exempt staff position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Supports individual faculty members as they strive to improve teaching and learning by identifying appropriate technology tools, helping faculty learn to best use those tools, and collaborating on the appropriate integration of the tools in a manner that is comfortable for faculty members at all levels of technology sophistication.
  2. Trains faculty in the use of media, equipment, and software to support technology integration in the academic program.
  3. In collaboration with the teacher, provides student technology support for teacher-assigned projects.
  4. Serves as a resource to faculty and students using the school's Learning Management System (Canvas).
  5. Supports faculty use of productivity applications with respect to their utility as teaching and learning tools for students and faculty.
  6. Collaborates with the Library team to provide technology support for teachers and students on course-based projects.
  7. Collaborates with Information Technology Services to provide support for classroom technologies.
  8. Collaborates with the Director of Academic Technology to identify emerging technologies and pedagogical practices in the field of education.
  9. Other duties and projects as assigned.


  • A college degree in a related field and 3-5 years of experience in the area of academic or educational technology.
  • Experience in an educational environment is required.
  • Teaching experience in one of the core academic disciplines in the context of student-centered classrooms preferred.
  • Ability to teach adults the most effective use of new technology tools in a manner that meets both the goals of individual teachers and the teaching and learning philosophy of the school.
  • Experience providing a high level of support to others in a professional manner, supported by excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively with others.
  • Knowledge of and experience with a wide range of tools including, but not limited to:
    iPad apps at the high school level;
  • The Apple platform including the operating system, iCloud, Apple Classroom, hardware, and accessories;
    Learning management systems and classroom management software;
    Productivity suites such as Apple's Pages, Numbers, and Keynote; Microsoft Office; and Google Apps for Education;
    Multimedia software for the creation of audio, video, and mixed media projects.
  • Understanding of and experience with video capture, editing, production, and distribution for curricular projects as opposed to institutional marketing.
  • Familiarity and experience with blended and online learning delivery tools and strategies.
  • Familiarity with one-to-one programs, preferably iPad programs.

Essential Physical Requirements:

  • Have the ability to move about the campus, which at times involves walking, climbing stairs, and standing. Sitting for extended periods of time, often before a computer screen.

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