Choate Announces Choate Fund For Justice Recipients

In a letter to the community this summer, Head of School Dr. Alex Curtis emphasized the need to make an explicit connection between the School's values and their specific applications to race, denouncing racialized violence, systemic injustice, and other forms of inequity. His letter encourages fighting acts of bias and inequality in part through direct contributions to organizations that support racial justice. With this initiative, the Choate Fund for Justice was established.

The Choate Fund for Justice was formed in June 2020 with a mission to provide funds through individual contributions to organizations that support racial justice and fight systemic bias and inequality, especially Black-led and racial justice organizations on the local level. These efforts are a tangible act of support for our Choate community members of color and all people of color in our society.

Committee members include Marc Brown '82 (Trustee), Rachel Myers (Chair; Director of Equity & Inclusion), Melissa Koomson (Director of Community Service), Gam Bepko (Financial Office), Cindy Okrah (HPRSS Department), and Anesi Ojior '21.

The committee has thoughtfully selected the following non-profit organizations as this year's Choate Fund for Justice recipients.

Community Healing Network | New Haven, CT

This local organization provides facilitation training for self-help groups, holds an annual Summit valuing Black life and emotional emancipation, as well as community healing days. Their mission is focused on the collective healing of Black-identifying people from the historical and continuing trauma caused by anti-black racism and negative stereotypes.

New Haven Reads | New Haven, CT

This local organization provides one-on-one after school tutoring, a community book bank, and educational family support at zero cost with a mission to increase literacy rates. Choate students in Community Service have volunteered in this program for the past two winters.

Women's Law Project | Philadelphia, PA

This regional organization aims to create a more just society by advancing the status of women through engagement in high-impact litigation, education, and advocacy initiatives.

Equal Justice Initiative | United States of America

This national organization provides legal representation for people who have been illegally convicted, unfairly sentenced, or abused in prisons. The Committee supports this organization's accomplishments and tangible results in bringing educational resources on systemic racism and the justice and prison systems to the national community.