Opening Days and the School's 127th Convocation

On Tuesday evening, September 6, students and faculty gathered for the School's 127th Convocation. At the ceremony Dean of Faculty Katie Levesque announced the awarding of three endowed faculty chairs to veteran teachers: the Forest D. Dorn Chair to history teacher and Director of Academic Technology, Joel D. Backon; the Independence Foundation Chair to science teacher and Director of Sustainability, Katrina E. Linthorst Homan, and the James N. Gamble Chair to science teacher and Director of Studies, Kevin D. Rogers. Cecilia Zhou '17 Student Council President, spoke on behalf of the Class of 2017.

In his Convocation remarks, Headmaster Alex D. Curtis urged new and returning students and faculty members to review the School's Statement of Expectations noting, "You have a responsibility for doing your part to make this the best place it can be. Simply put, Choate will not be its best if each of us doesn't give our best." He reminded students, "Inevitably, you will be faced with situations that call into action your integrity. As you navigate those challenges, I want you to remember that you are not alone. This community is full of people – your peers, teachers, coaches, and mentors – that stand by ready to help you. You are fortunate to be a part of a cohesive, supportive, community – lean on them ... just as you will offer support when others lean on you."

On Monday evening, September 5, Parisa Jaffer '89, Vice President of the Choate Rosemary Hall Alumni Association, delivered the keynote address at this year's Matriculation Ceremony where 243 new students were welcomed into the Choate Rosemary Hall community. See photo gallery of Opening Days 2016.