Beyond Cookies: Girl Scout Troop Earns Programming Badge at Lin i.d.Lab

Members of Choate's Girls Tech Club, President Anjali Mangla '20, Claire Fu '22, and Mariann Soto '23, invited local Girl Scout Troop 60262 to the Lin i.d.Lab to work on their "Junior Think Like a Programmer" award badge. In this journey, Girls Scouts find out how programmers use computational thinking to solve problems; participate in 3 computational thinking activities; and plan a take action project that helps others. To help the girls earn their programming robots badge, says Anjali, "We taught girls how to work with Scratch and created mini games with block code."

Choate's Girls Tech Club has also worked with an outreach program at the Wallingford Public Library this year geared for boys and girls in grades 5-8 who want to explore computer programming, coding engineering, and programming. The group uses programs like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Makey Makey and utilizes the Library's in-house resources. Working with the Girls Scouts and the town's middle school students "has really been a rewarding experience," says Anjali. "We love seeing girls interested in computer science and STEM and to have positive role models in high school."