Choate Hosts Inaugural One Book, One Wallingford

On Wednesday, April 4, Choate Rosemary Hall, in conjunction with the Wallingford Public Library, hosted the One Book, One Town program at the Paul Mellon Arts Center at 7:00 p.m. Author Matthew Quick spoke to an audience of more than 300 residents and signed copies of his book, The Reason You're Alive.

Last June, a group of Wallingford librarians and community leaders met to select a book and plan a series of related programs on the book's core themes: PTSD, the political and military aspects of the Vietnam War, and a panel discussion with Vietnam War Veterans. Choate librarian Courtney Jaser, who was on the selection committee, says, "This book was chosen because we felt that it would appeal to a diverse range of readers throughout Wallingford, and it speaks to the political extremes we are experiencing as a country. It is relatable and has a depth of character development that encourages readers to experience a variety of perspectives, and perhaps develop empathy towards those with opposing views. We also thought that Matthew Quick would be a recognizable name to many because he wrote Silver Linings Playbook, which was adapted into a movie."

In February, documentarian and filmmaker Ken Burns came to Choate to discuss his latest series, The Vietnam War, which premiered on PBS last September, marking 1967 as the 50th anniversary of what historians, veterans, and journalists recall as a pivotal year that changed both the direction of the war and America.