Choate Students Participate in VOTES 2016

Choate Rosemary Hall students are participating in VOTES (Voting Opportunities for Teens in Every State) 2016, a nationwide mock election for high school students organized by Northfield Mount Hermon.

The VOTES mock election has been held every four years since 1988, and has correctly predicted the results of the actual election in six of the last seven mock presidential elections. More than 153 high schools across the nation are participating in this year's mock election.

It is also the only mock election that simulates the electoral college voting process. Each participating school holds its own election the week before the actual election. The results of those elections are then sent to Northfield Mount Hermon where the popular vote is tallied by state, and based on the popular vote, delegates for that state are assigned to the winning candidate. To win the election, a candidate must win 270 delegates.

Here are results of the mock election that were broadcast last evening: With voter turnout at 69.5%, Hillary Clinton earned 332 electoral votes to clinch the presidency, with 47.6% of the popular vote. Donald Trump earned 206 electoral votes with 33.6% of the popular vote. Gary Johnson secured 11.1 % of votes, Jill Stein, 5.6%, and write-in candidates, 2.2%.