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Choate Global: Students Blog From France

This summer 14 students are participating in Choate Summer Programs in France. During Europe's unprecedented heat wave, students are keeping cool and blogging about their experiences at Choate Summer in Paris, 2019 (A la découverte de Paris) where you can enjoy their posts. Accompanied by Choate French teacher Katie Jewett, students are taking classes with in-country teacher Deborah Palmer and enjoying their stay with host families. Says Edison, "The French lifestyle is slow, but I enjoy it very much since taking time to relax and contemplate can be very beneficial."

Students are taking art history and history classes focused on the Middle Ages, but they are also learning about French rap, even testing the limits of their own vocabularies by writing some rhymes. Recently, the group enjoyed an escape from the Paris heat with an weekend excursion to the Loire Valley and a boat trip along the Loire River where they enjoyed the welcomed breeze. The group traveled to Château d'Amboise, the residence for French kings from the 15th to the 19th centuries, and a place visited by many literary figures and artists. Leonardo da Vinci's tomb is preserved at the Château. Says Ryan, "The Loire Valley is a serene region with glorious splendor of nature and inspiring representation of history, particularly through the art of architecture. We can sense the aura that inspired Beethoven to compose his Symphony No. 6, the Pastoral Symphony, and perceive the tumultuous life of the medieval and renaissance ages." Students will continue to offer their impressions in future posts.