Choate Teams Compete in VEX Robotics Competition

The Choate Robotics team headed to the VEX Robotics World Championships in Louisville, KY from April 25-28. This was the third year in a row that the team competed at Worlds. Teams from 40 countries were represented by 579 high school teams in the VEX Robotics Competition (VRC). At this year's tournament, Choate experienced several firsts:

  • Two Choate robots qualified for the event
  • Team B was ranked 10th in their Division (96 teams)
  • Team B became Alliance Captain and made it to quarterfinals within their division
  • Team C was comprised almost entirely of third formers

The tournament was split into six divisions, where teams formed alliances and competed against each other in a pooling system. Once ranked, teams faced each other in single elimination matches. Winners of each respective division then competed against each other to be crowned champions. Choate Team B was in the Science Division finishing in 10th place with a score of 8 - 2. Choate Team C faced a tough schedule and finished 48th place in the Engineering Division with a score of 5 - 5.

Choate Team B performed remarkably in the Science Division. They worked tirelessly to refine their driver and autonomous skills as they pushed toward having near perfect systems. Ranking in 10th, Choate chose an alliance partner (574C Iron Pride) and won their first match in the single elimination matches with a score of 145 - 110. In their next match, Choate faced an opposing alliance that is arguably one of the most defensive alliances at the tournament. Their opponents used unorthodox strategies that proved to be troublesome. Facing a robot that allocated motors to push rather than score, proved too much for our robot to handle as it burned out our drivetrain causing the robot to stall while it cooled itself down.

Choate Team C performed admirably as their robot faced some of the toughest robots across the world. Team C ran into a few electrical technical problems that were detrimental to performance in a couple of matches. Once these problems were fixed, Choate was able to carry their teams to victory. It is a sweet end to an amazing season.