Choate Hosted the NYATC Winter Conference

On Saturday, February 8, 2020 Choate Rosemary Hall hosted the New York Arabic Teachers' Council (NYATC) Winter Conference. The Council provides a forum for Arabic teachers to network, collaborate, and share innovative approaches to teaching with the goal of strengthening and professionalizing the field of Arabic language education. It is made possible by the generous support of Qatar Foundation International.

Over 22 friends and colleagues from 15 schools attended the first NYATC conference of the year. Together, they examined three pillars of language instruction as they relate to Arabic. The winter conference theme, "Arabic Pedagogy: Empowering, Engaging, Exploring" encouraged workshop participants to share and engage with fellow language educators.

Speakers included Rebecca Aubrey, 2019 ACTFL World Language Teacher of the Year, who reminded educators how to effectively educate a range of diverse learners. Speakers Biebers Ishak and Souad Malih also provided helpful insight on engaging with learners for grammar in a more inclusive way as well as providing effective strategies for cultural portfolios designed to enable students to become truly global citizens.

Much of the theme emphasized the importance and effectiveness of student centeredness, including the final scheduled event reading series by Sarab Al Ani. Sarab's reading book series with Reading We Progress بالقراءة نتقدم.

The Spring Conference will be held at Columbia University on Saturday, April 18, 2020