Cultural Immersion Trip to Cuba

During March break, 14 students and three faculty members traveled to Cuba for an eight-day cultural immersion experience. This is the first Choate-sponsored student trip to Cuba since the American flag was raised at the U.S. Embassy in 2015.

Upon their arrival, students visited the Plaza de Armas with their sketchbooks in tow. Afterwards, they strolled around Old Havana and learned about the history of the city. Students then met with artists from Cuban Art Beat collective and visited Casa Fuster, an outdoor neighborhood art project in northwest Havana, where the homes and the gates surrounding them are covered entirely by mosaic tile. (Pictured here). And, of course, students strolled along the famed Malecón, the seawall separating Havana from the ocean.

Among the highlights of their tour, visiting the University of Havana and attending a guest lecture on Cuban education at Centro de Estudios Martianos (CEM); visiting Revolution Square, the Museo de la Revolución, Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latino Americano where they watched the Cuban film "Conducta" and met with the Fundación director, exploring the ISA Art Institute; spending an afternoon visiting with primary schoolers; and swimming and snorkeling at the Bay of Pigs. Before departing, students attended a Cuban cooking class, visited Casa de África followed by an Afro-Cuban show, and explored the open-air markets.