Deerfield Day: A Storied Rivalry

This weekend Choate will celebrate Deerfield Day, the culmination of the School's fall sports season. Students, faculty, parents, and alumni are invited to join in the fun and to celebrate Choate and cheer on our athletic teams.

Choate's storied rivalry with Deerfield Academy, as reported by Michael Lavigne '03, dates back to 1922 when Choate and Deerfield first faced off in a football game in Wallingford, Conn. The friendly competition remained informal until 1944 when both schools officially scheduled their fall athletic competitions for the end of the season. Choate won the very first Deerfield Day with a 13-7 victory in a football game on our home turf. Events have been held in Deerfield, Mass., in odd years since 1947, making Deerfield this year's host.

Deerfield Day, known as Choate Day on Deerfield's campus, takes place on Saturday, November 11 this year, with a full day of events. This year marks the 95th anniversary of Choate's rivalry with Deerfield, and the 6th year of the epic battle between Heads of School Dr. Alex Curtis and Dr. Margarita O'Byrne Curtis.

Choate kicks off the celebratory weekend on Friday evening, November 10, with a pep rally and bonfire on campus where students ignite the green Deerfield dragon. Go Choate!